Pate de verre is French for "paste of glass". The name implies a casting made using small grains of glass. Pate de verre can produce vesssels of complex shapes and steep walls that are beyond the scope of flat fusing and slumping. The process starts with a handmade clay or wax master. A plaster mold is made over the master. When the mold is dry, the master is cleaned out fo the mold. The glass grains are carefully measured to create the desired color blend, then packed into the plaster mold and fired. After firing, the mold is destroyed as part of the process of removing the fired glass piece, so each vessel is an original. The glass is cleaned to remove any remaining plaster, and polished to bring up the surface luster.

garnet bowl horizon bowl
"Garnet Midnight" 
storm bowl morning sky
"Gathering Storm" 
"Morning Sky" 
grape leaf lichen
"Grape Leaf" 
sunflower agate
night fan
"Inspired by Night" 
"Bay Leaf Fan" 
pomgranate Japanese maple
"Japanese Maple" 
Sandstone teazel
"Teazel Weed" 
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