Floogie Boo and Little Friends


35 x 65"

Original available.

Giclée prints available: image sizes are: 15 5/8 x 29" (44.6%) and 10 1/2 x 19 1/2" (30%)

I also offer this image as a canvas giclée with the aircraft markings hand-customized to particular aircraft.

5% of all print revenue will be donated to Blue Star Moms of Marin.

The painting depicts the B-17G "Floogie Boo" flown by Lloyd Douglas. He and his crew were part of the 301st Bomb Group of the United States 15th Air Force out of Foggia, Italy in World War II. Providing high cover above the B-17 are "Little Friends", four P-51 Mustangs from the 52nd Fighter Group, the "Yellowtails".

The particular mission took place on October 13, 1944. Lloyd's mission record states that on that day his group bombed the synthetic oil refinery at Blechhammer (in what is now Poland), as part of the effective USAAF strategic bombing campaign against Axis fuel supplies. The 52nd Fighter Group was one of the fighter groups providing escort to Blechhammer that day.

The Mustangs and contrails in this painting are closely based on a black and white USAAF photo from WWII. The pairs of Mustangs had just crossed over each other when the picture was taken and the result has a lot of "movement". A regular plastic model was used as the starting point reference for the B-17.

Lloyd and his crew were shot down on his 31st combat mission, in late February 1945. A close flak burst stopped two engines and started a third burning. Lloyd held the plane straight and level while the entire crew bailed out, then did so himself, becoming a POW for a month, the duration of the war. Lloyd and Barbara live in Sonoma County and it is my honor and pleasure to know them.

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