Designing a Station for the Microwave Bands

Most of the information shown here was in a three part series originally in Ham Radio Magazine in 1988 just before the magazine went out of business.

These articles describe an approach to amateur microwave station design which can provide fully phaselocked, all-mode operation on all of the amateur VHF-microwave bands. The design presented uses a bare minimum of microwave hardware along with a single phaselock board, used repeatedly, allowing all the features of a multi-mode amateur HF (20-30 MHz range) transceiver to be translated to any or all of the amateur UHF or microwave bands from 144 MHz to 24,192 MHz..

Complete details are also included of a description of a 10 GHz preamplifier/amplifier and mixer which along with the phaselocked LO provides a complete 10368 MHz SSB station.

By Glenn Elmore, N6GN

Multimode 10 GHz StationMultimode 10 GHz Station

260 MHz phaselocked LO built on common PLL board

280 MHz transverter

Multiband phaselocked LO

Designing a Station for the Microwave Bands
1from February, 1988
 and another more recent scan of Figure 4 and Figure 6

Part 2 from June, 1988
Part 3 from October, 1988

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