1992 Microwave Letter

Multi-Megabaud Microwave Link News Update

March 31, 1992

You've received this article either electronically or by surface mail because you've contacted us regarding the article entitled "Inexpensive Multi-Megabaud Microwave Data Link"which appeared in the December 1989 issue of Ham Radio Magazine and in the ARRL Handbook. Our intent with this update is to answer as many questions as we can, aid in construction and facilitate exchange of information between interested persons. You'll find attached a mailing list of all recipients of this article. Please accept our apologies for being so slow in responding. This letter has been written and awaiting mailing for well over a year.

The majority of the queries we have received can be divided thus:

Future Directions

The Ham Radio Magazine article was written and submitted for publication June of 1989, so for us, it's been almost three years since that phase of our projects ended. As well as providing a fun project, the goal of the article was to encorage the revolution of amateur radio networking by demonstrating that information rates much higher than current amateur practice need not be neither difficult or expensive. As the need for high speed backbones is driven by higher speed user radios we plan to readress the microwave radio design. It is likely that future designs will use discrete transistor receive and transmit amplifiers. 100 mW output power and 4 dB system noise figure which could result in a system improvement of around 20 dB is obtainable with standard microstrip design and inexpensive components. It is even likely that such microwave hardware can be built for a price similar to that of the NEC transceivers. Since the article, we have been busy trying to produce new digital hardware, protocols and radios for 900MHz and 1200 MHz. See the 8th,9th and 10th Computer Networking Conference proceedings for several articles describing the justification for our approach, a protocol to support it and details of what we are doing.


The 1991 ARRL Radio Amateur Handbook has a description of the radio hardware. N6GN used this schematic as a reference in loading the boards which Jon KE3Z provided and found the following corrections:

Contact the ARRL for the most current information.

We hope that this additional information along with the address list may help some of you cooperate and successfully build higher speed radios. Please contact us if you have information which would be valuable to others or if you feel another letter like this could be helpful. We are busy but desire to see amateur radio networking improve. If you do desire more information an SASE or remuneration for postage would be appreciated.

Glenn Elmore n6gn 550 Willowside Rd. Santa Rosa, CA USA 95401, glenne@sr.hp.com

Kevin Rowett n6rce 1134 Steeplechase Ln. Cupertino, CA USA 95014 kevinr@tandem.com
March 31, 1992