Pea Experiment

This is an interactive pea experiment where you can breed your own hybrid pea plants!

You will start with two parent plants and end up with four child plants *. Pick two of those to breed together for four new children, and so on. (Note: you can breed a plant with itself.)

There are two attributes passed between generations in this simulation. These are the out of the seven main attributes studied by Mendel:

  1. Pea color (green or yellow)
  2. Pea shape (round or wrinkled)
Each of these attributes are 'simple traits,' that is, there is no 'grey' area of an attribute. A pea is either wrinkled or round - there is no in between. It is because of this fact that Mendel was so easily (relatively speaking) able to note similarities between plants and their children.


The source code to this program is available.

By Bill Kendrick, 1996.

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