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hosted by the good people at DRDTeams - Primarily a Doom Community

The Official Hacx Site

and other Doom Projects

The HacX project is still alive and well and updated versions are currently in production.
You can also access the old Doom projects of STRAIN and the Nostromo's Run Project from here.

Vassal Projects
The following are boardgames in production using the Vassal engine.

A game of fantasy, adventure, strategy and opportunity
Been working on various versions of this game for nearly 20 years. Finally with the new Vassal 3.2 engine, a final version may be a reality some time in the near future.
Still looking for artists and an old (albeit cumbersome) version of the game is available.

A game of global domination in a post-apocalyptic world
A Risk/Suprmacy style game currently in the planning stages.

Are you a big Trivial Pursuit fan? Like a bit of strategy in your games?
 Trivial Wars turns the common trivia game into a point-based strategic battleground.
Play testing is currently being done on a new and improved version but an old beta version of the game and rule book is still available!
The Official Site for the 

A mod for Call of Duty: United Offensive. Free download.

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