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Radio Showcase has been supplying quality recordings of old time radio programs to collectors and libraries since 1979. These historical programs are fun, entertaining and a very collectible hobby. Cassette recordings also make excellent gifts and presents, and can be enjoyed just about anywhere you can take a portable tape player. Collecting Old Time Radio is a hobby you can always take with you.

RADIO SHOWCASE is your best source for old time radio recordings on the internet. Our prices are low including quantity discounts and three different cassette formats to fit your budget. Our on-line catalog is one of the largest, containing over 12,000 recordings and growing every day. Radio Showcase is the only dealer on the internet with a comprehensive searchable database. Click on the "Search The Catalog" link in the upper left frame to instantly find the program or actor you are looking for. Why not take a test drive now! Our sound quality is unsurpassed with sound ratings for all programs. Only Radio Showcase offers this information, as well as the recording source. Click on the link below for a complete discription of our sound quality rating system.With over 20 years of experience Radio Showcase is your number one source for quality and customer service. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

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The files included here contain the complete catalog of over 12,000 programs. Each listing includes Catalog Code Number, Series, Program Title for each side, date of program, actors, sound quality, recording source, and type of broadcast. To select a series, either scroll throught the list, or you can quickly jump to the first letter in the series' name by clicking a letter in the index above the list. Once you find the series you are looking for just click on the series' name to see the programs available displayed in this frame. You can also search the catalog for actors, broadcast dates, genres, program titles - just about any text you want to search on. To do this click on the "Search The Catalog" link in the upper left frame. When you are finished and ready to return to this information frame, just click on the INFO button in the upper left frame.

If you want to download the regular catalog to keep a file of or print out you can click on the following catalog section links. This will download the files as html to this frame. After each download just select all in this frame and save the frame contents as a text file. You can then open these files with your word processing software and view them on screen or print them out. The files will print out nicely as 2 or 3 columns depending on the type size you choose in your word processing application. Some of the files are rather large so it may take a few minutes to download. Unlike the on-line files, these listings are in numerical order. Use the index to locate all the cassettes from the same series. This is the same format used in our printed catalog. If you would like a printed catalog, it is available for $13, which includes postage. When you are finished and ready to return to this information frame, just click on the INFO button in the upper left frame.


Mystery and Crime
Science Fiction and Fantasy
Rare and One-of-a-Kind
Variety and Music
Catalog Index

updated 4-7-2000


Edition No.1: I Love A Mystery

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Radio Showcase adheres to a strict recording policy in making the master tapes. Each source program is carefully transferred on an individual basis. We are careful to note the proper speed of the original and will correct if needed. Also if the sound quality is not of a sufficient level and can not be corrected, the program is automatically rejected. During transfer the recording is monitored and further corrections are made, such as eliminating volume fluctuations, dead spots, and repeating passages where the needle may have stuck in the original transcription disk. The Radio Showcase goal is to make the best possible recordings available at the most economical prices.Because of our extra efforts in the recording process, Radio Showcase, is one of the only companies to sound rate each and every program we offer. We also list the origin of the source material, if the commercials are missing, or whether the recording is a network broadcast or an AFRS rebroadcast. Radio Showcase wants you to know what to expect when you place an order. And we stand behind our ratings. If you receive a cassette that you feel is less than its rated sound quality you may exchange it for something else. Radio Showcase means confidence.

As you look through the catalog you will see the following information enclosed in ( ) for each listing.

EXCELLENT: A crisp clean recording. Can range from some minor background noise (like disc surface scratches) to a perfect recording with all the original audio depth.

VERY GOOD: Most programs in this catalog fall into this range. The sound can very from minor defects to background noise, but the recording is basically easy to listen to and clear.

GOOD: Recordings that have lost all fidelity and contain minor distortion. Concentration of the listener is mandatory to understanding the program. These recordings are included in the catalog only in cases of rarity or collectibility.

The following are specific defects, with the recording otherwise being Very Good or Good.

HARSH: Low frequencies missing and the highs increased.

DISTORTED: Usually orvermodulated throughout a good portion of the program.

MUFFLED: This is the worst defect. Very hard to understand dialog. A very muffled show will not be in the catalog.

BASSY: High bass, usually hum or rumble in the background.

SCRATCHY: Very noticeable disc scratch or tape hiss.

SLIGHT CROSS TALK: Slightly audible foreign program source superimposed over the main program recording. A program with major cross talk will not be in the catalog.

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P.O. Box 4357
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

IT'S EASY TO ORDER CASSETTES FROM RADIO SHOWCASE. You can phone, fax, mail, or use e-mail. After you've found the cassettes you want to order make a list of the cassette's catalog number (ie: AD-5, C-54, MC-876, etc.). If you use e-mail you can also cut and paste that information directly from the on-line files by first clicking on the e-mail link below. Please include your name, shipping address, credit card information (check or money order if using the postal system) and the type of shipping you want.

TOLL FREE AUTOMATED ORDER LINE FOR FAX OR PHONE: 800 500-8086  (if you have problems sending a fax then please leave a message on the answering machine and I will call you back).

ORDERING BY E-MAIL You can also place an order by E-Mail by clicking this E-Mail link: RADIO SHOWCASE ORDER. If you don't trust the security of your credit card using this method, you can phone that information into the 800 number above.

CUSTOMER SERVICE (10:00 am - 4:00 pm Pacific Standard Time): 800 500-8086. The best time to call is between 10:00 am to 12:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. Most of the time in the afternoon no one will be able to answer the phone so please leave a message.

ORDER PROCESSING Even though most orders are processed within 5 days, please allow at least 3 to 5 weeks for delivery. Radio Showcase is proud of its timely service, but during special sales it is difficult to keep up the fast pace. Also sometimes circumstances beyond our control arise and delays set in.

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 1-2 tapes........$6.00 each
 3-19 tapes........$5.00 each
 20-39 tapes......$4.50 each
 40+ tapes.........$4.00 each
The collector's cassette includes a plastic case, a full color insert card with an easy to read spine label, and an illustrated cassette label for each side of the cassette

1-2 tapes..........$4.00 each

 3-19 tapes........$3.50 each

20+ tapes..........$3.25 each
The budget cassette is recorded from a recording one generation down from my master tape, it does not come with a plastic case and includes only one plain white label containing the information for both sides of the cassette. A plain plastic case is available for $.25 extra.


 1-2 tapes.........$3.00 each

 3-19 tapes........$2.75 each

 20+ tapes..........$2.50 each
This is a Budget Cassette without the label. If you like to do your own labeling, then this is the way to save more money. Each cassette has it's catalog number written on it in white pencil which can easily be removed when applying your own label. A plain plastic case is available for $.25 extra.


         $7.00 each Collectors Format
         $5.00 each Budget Format
         $4.00 each Internet Format

Choose a side from two different cassettes to make up a new cassette of your choice.

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The standard shipping and handling charge is $5.00. This covers US Postal Priority Mail for up to 14 cassettes (with plastic cases). Delivery is usually within 3 to 5 days. Orders of more than 14 cassettes will be shipped via US Mail Special Fourth Class which can take up to 2 weeks for delivery. If you order more than 14 cassettes (with plastic cases) and want Priority Mail then add $.35 per cassette over the initial 14 cassettes in addition to the $5.00 shipping and handling fee. US Postal Priority Mail or United Parcel Service is recommended for shipments to the east coast.

United Parcel Service is also available. The cost is $8.00 for up to 30 cassettes (with plastic cases). Add $1.00 per each additional 10 cassettes (with plastic cases). UPS takes 7 days for delivery to the eastern part of the United States, and 2-3 days for the western area of the country.

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