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Winter 2004
  • Appreciate Your Pets

  • Ear Infections are a common pet health problem

  • Prepare for a medical emergency

  • Retroviruses

  • Nutritional tips for cat owners

  • Benefits of good dental health

  • Three step program to prevent oral disease

  • Brush you pet's teeth

Fall 2003
  • When daily events tend to get you down.
  • Warning signs of cancer.
  • First aid suggestions for CHOKING.
  • Not all animals age at the same rate.
  • What we will look for during a senior screening.
  • Questions you should answer prior to your pet's senior screening.
  • Kidney disease in pets.
  • Top ten pet names.
  • Ten tips to make your pets golden years enjoyable.
Summer 2003
  • Summertime and the living is easy
  • Summer heat and your pet
  • You are the first line of defense against parasites attacking your pet!!
  • Destructive behavior: How can I stop my cat from scratching?
  • First aid: When your pet is stung by a bee or wasp.
  • Humans & pets: What is "Zoonosis"?
  • America's most popular dogs and cats
  • Don't let your pet scratch needlessly
Spring 2003
  • Spring always looks good!
  • Why pet owners are a healthy breed
  • Some suggestions when choosing a pet
  • Food allergies in dogs and cats
  • Be careful where you purchase your pet's medications
  • Future birth control vaccine for dogs & cats being studied
  • Springtime health suggestions
Winter 2003
  • A New Year's Wish
  • Why does your pet need dental care?
  • Resorptive lesions in feline teeth
  • Pet dental trivia
  • Suggestions for brushing your pet's teeth.
  • Is your pet overweight
  • Pets for seniors
Fall 2002
  • Are we getting old?
  • Cushing's disease: What is it?
  • Cat corner
  • Heart disease in pets
  • Warning signs of illness.
  • Seattle's top pooch turns eleven!
  • Healthiest cities for pets.
  • Beware of purchasing veterinary medications over the internet
Summer 2002
  • Commencement
  • Pet allergies
  • Taking your pet on vacation with you?
  • How to avoid summertime pet emergencies.
  • Yes, pets get arthritis also!
  • A letter from a veterinarian that "says it all"!
  • Tick prevention
  • Three things every pet owner should do!
Spring 2002
  • News from All Creatures Veterinary Hospital
  • When is an incident an emergency?
  • Is your dog prone to health problems?
  • Springtime pet health checklist.
  • Human health benefits of pet ownership.
  • Did you know?
  • Tip to remove cat odor from carpet.
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