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Boarding Your Pet



   When looking for a boarding kennel for your pet, you should be concerned with the following:

  1. Does your pet adapt well to new environments? If not you may consider using a house/pet sitter, of having a friend watch your pet in your home instead.

  2. Are your pet's vaccinations current? Boarded pets should have the following vaccinations:

    1. Kennel Cough (Bordetella)-- repeated every 6 months

    2. Corona Virus-- repeated once per year

    3. Distemper/parvo 6 in 1-- repeated once per year

    4. Rabies -- required by law in all states

    Your pet should also receive heartworm preventive medication if it will be kept in an area with mosquitoes and heartworms.

  3. Is the kennel reputable?

    1. Ask to observe the kennel area:

      1. Are the pets clean, or do they have urine or fecal stains?

      2. Is the pet kept in a clean area, or is the feces built up?

      3. Does the pet have clean food and water available?

      4. Do the pets have adequate room for exercise?

      5. Is the caretaker compassionate or aggressive?

      6. How are infectious animals segregated?

    2. Ask others about the kennel, have they had positive experiences for their pets?

    3. Ask your veterinarian for suggested kennels.

  4. Before taking your pet to the kennel ask about the following:

    1. Should you bring your pets regular food?

    2. Can you bring your pets toys/bedding?

    3. Does your pet need proof of vaccination and/or examination?