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Panasonic Programming Tips
These helpful tips are for the Digital KXT systems and the TVS voicemail system

Time Change KXTD phone system:
Note that the telephone system and the voicemail system have two separate clocks that need to be set separately.
Time Change TVS voicemail system

Time Change?

Setting system time on Panasonic KXTD
816 and 1232 phone systems

This procedure is to be done from a display phone at ext. number 101 or from a designated manager extension. (If you have a caller ID option installed, the system can  update itself automatically each day.)
The first step is to put that extension into a "system programming" mode.

Notes about programming mode:

  • When you are in the "programming" mode some of the phone buttons have different functions.
  • On a digital display phone, there are three buttons located under the display. When in "Programming" mode, the display shows labels for these buttons for the main functions you will need, for example " ", NEXT, or SEL (select).
  • If you think you have gotten mixed up, or when you are finished, you can get out of programming mode by picking up the handset and hanging it up again.
  • Some phones have a "Program" button in the upper left, some have it on the bottom row above the number 3, -if the phone does not have one, then use the button labeled "Pause"
  • If you wait too long between pressing buttons, the system may cancel programming mode and you will have to start over.

1. Press the [PROGRAM] button, then press * * 1 2 3 4
The display should now read: USR-PGM NO?
2. Enter "0 0 0"
display: Day/Time Set
3. Press NEXT (same as SPKR PHN)
display: shows date (if you need to change the date, see steps 5 thru 10 below)
4. Press NEXT (SPKR PHN) again
display: shows time example:; 12:00 AM
5. Enter the hour
to change current entry, press CLEAR (or the TRANSFER button)
6. Press (or FWD/DND button)
7. Enter the minutes
8. Press (or FWD/DND button)
9. Press SELECT (or AUTOANSWER/MUTE button) to change AM or PM
10. Press STORE (or AUTODIAL/STORE)- don’t forget this step
11. Press END (or HOLD button)
12. Press SPKR PHN button or pick up and hang up the phone to leave programming mode.
13. Relax for 6 months

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Voicemail Time Change?

Setting system time on Panasonic TVS Voicemail systems.

 The Panasonic TVS 75, 100, and 200 voicemail systems have an internal clock that may need to be changed when daylight savings time comes and goes each year. This clock is independent of clock in the telephone system, so even though a display phone may have the proper time, the voicemail may not be correct.

The system does allow pre-programming of the date that the time changes should take place each year. The trouble with this is that the date is different every year, so that whatever dates are programmed, they will need to be changed each year. This preset programming feature is only set through pc programming. This feature has been turned off in most installations.

It is very easy to change the time or date manually, though. It can be done through the "System Manager’s Box" or through the "Message Manager’s Box". These are the dial-in "mailboxes" that control many of the voicemail features. To learn more about these features see the voicemail Installation Manual sections 5 and 6.

To change the time:

Call into the voicemail system (this can also be done from outside the office if your voicemail system answers automatically).

Enter/Dial Function
Intercom 165
or press your voice mail access button
(or the number used by your system to reach voicemail) If you are calling from outside, wait until the system answers, then procede with the next step.
# 6 Entering "mailbox" mode
* 998 Enter "Message Manager’s Box"
  System will prompt you for the following settings
(passcode) Enter passcode if the system requires one
4 To set clock
  System reads current time
1 To change time
930# Example of setting time for 9:30
1 or 2 Press 1 for AM or 2 for PM
  System will read the new time
2 2 to accept new time read back to you
# 9 Exit and hang up

You’re done for the next 6 months.

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