Where has the soaring Diary gone to.....?

Updated Jan 5, 2002

In December 2001, my reliable old server sold out to another company.

Subscribers, such as myself, who were a part of "community.net" are now subscribers to "sonic.net" - an Internet Service Provider (ISP) located in Santa Rosa, Ca.

My EMail Address

I no longer take email at pjkelly@community.net
I don't plan to use sonic.net for any incoming email.
I am using PeterKelly@dellepro.com as my primary email address.  

(FYI: Please note that caps and lowercase are never significant when using an email address. PeterKelly is the same as writing peterkelly.)

Background on the Soaring Diary page

I initially had one account at community.net and it was called "pjkelly".

The Soaring Diary was started in the mid-1990's.  Back then I was president of the Valley Soaring Association - the VSA, and I wanted to use the internet as a vehicle to promote soaring.

I created the soaring diary, called the file "VSAPD" as in "Valley Soaring Association Personal Diary", and placed it on the pjkelly web site.  Thus the url to reach the Soaring Diary used to be:

I purposely never changed the name of the file or relocated it, thus the url remained constant for the past seven years.

I expanded the info on the internet, and purchased a second account at Community.net and called it "soaring".  You could reach the soaring diary, as well as many other pages by going to that index page at
but the soaring diary remained  on the "pjkelly" account.

Now I am part of sonic.net.  There is no more community.net.

Community.net is gone.  They are forwarding emails and inquiries over to sonic.net

What's going to happen now....

I have received lots of support and encouragement from many of you, and although I would occasionally enter low ebbs in my motivation level, and would verbalize my lack of enthusiasm, you would bring me back from the edge, and the diary continued.   We now have the equivalent of a "soaring diary" at William's, and we also have one at Minden.  But, I still see a need for the diary, at least for now. So for the near future, the Soaring Diary, and the other soaring pages will continue to be posted on the internet.  Of course, the Diary requires your input.  It is not a monologue.  Send me some emails, and tell me it is for the Soaring Diary.  Somewhere in the email say this is for the diary.

The Soaring Diary will continue

Someone at sonic already has an account called "soaring"  thus we can't call the account soaring.  Besides, if I dropped the pjkelly account name altogether or didn't transfer my account to sonic, no one would know how to find the soaring pages.

The word "gliding" is available, so I have an alias called "gliding" which can be used in place of "pjkelly", but I'm not sure how reliable that alias will be.

I've decided to just revert back to my original account name of  "pjkelly"

All of the soaring pages will be referenced from the new home page.  That new home page is for the account which is still called "pjkelly", but it is at sonic.net.  When you go there, you will see the links to the "Soaring Diary", and many of the other pages.  I haven't finished with all of the transitions/ conversions/ updates.

You will note that the file name for the "soaring diary" is now called "sdiary.html" ( as in Soaring DIARY) and the term VSAPD.HTML is no longer used.

Visit the new soaring pages at




and be sure to update the bookmarks in your internet browsers.

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