Asuka 120% Special Burning Fest

manual cover

Another 2D fighter..but this one is a little nutty! When the fist at the bottom of the screen reaches 120%...look out! They don't call this one Burning Fest for nothing. The game is a standard Street Fighter style 2D fighter, with each character having a few special moves, etc. All the characters do their special moves in the same way (each character has about 3 specials, some have a few more. The main 3 specials are done by either press down down + attack, down back + attack, or down forward + attack.) However, each character's moves are pretty different, so it really doesn't matter the specials are done the same way. The graphics are not anything that great, in fact they could easily be done on SNES. The music is pretty good, although nothing special. What makes the game so fun is the wild gameplay. You can link any special move with another, or a regular move, or whatever...often times you can link the same special like 3 times in a row (ex. the boss character can do three dragon punches in a row, juggling you in the air). You can even link moves in the air for crazy air combos, and almost half the specials can be done in the air. At any rate this game is fun to play, and the crazyness makes it even more fun. People that aren't fighting game fans will probably not see anything good in this game, but true fighting game fiends will probably love this little title.

Here's a tip: To play as the boss character, beat the game without using a continue on 2 or 3 stars. Then in the 2 player or ranking mode, hold R1 and pick a character. Whala!

Click here for mp3 of a cool song in the game