Contra: Legacy of War

Contra CD cover

This game is not quite what I had expected, but it's cool none the less. I guess I figured it would be very similar to the previous Contra games...I was wrong. The graphics are rendered, but they look good. The play control is good, but takes a little getting used to. It's similar to way the top-down levels of Contra III played, but more 3D, like Zelda or Kain. The weapons aren't much better than the SNES ones, but are still good. The 3D mode is completely worthless, and the glasses are cheap paper. Oh well, I wasn't expecting much. I was suprised that Konami did not actually develop the game, which could be why it's different from the others. Anyway, the game has some neat features, but just doesn't feel like a Contra game. Most people seem to agree with the notion that if this game was under a different name, it would be much better...simply because it doesn't live up to the name Contra.