Destruction Derby 2

Destrutction Derby 2 CD cover

Wow. What a difference from the original. The gameplay is improved quite a bit, and the graphics are some of the best yet on the Playstation. The game is basically the same as the original, as far as what can be done. You can play season in Wrecking Racing and Stock Car, but no longer in the Arena levels. No biggie. There are a lot more tracks now, and 4 Arena levels. The new tracks are very good, compareable to games like Daytona or Ridge Racer. There are jumps, banked curves, and the ablity to pit has now been added. (you can only pit once per level though, so use it wisely). The fact that you get a new level and new arena after passing each season makes playing through the game more compelling. Once you beat a season, you can access those levels in the practice and time trial options. The new arena's are cool, one has a big dirt mound in the middle, and two have dips in the middle. One of the arena's even has a cliff at one end that spells instant death to those who tumble down it.

A lot has been added, such as the ablity to become airborn (which happens quite often), and the actual loss of wheels and the hood and trunk. The effects are a lot better, and it adds the game's realism. All in all the game is a lot more fun to play than the original, and although I finished the entire game in about 3 hours, it was still a good buy. If you are looking for a good racing/smashing game, this is the one to buy.