Final Fantasy VII....the most hyped game since there was a hyped game...and it lives up to it all. The game sports some of the best graphics ever seen on any game...ever. The game scenes often look like the beautifully rendered FMV that is abundent throughout the game. The shot to the right is from the actual game. As you travel through the different areas, the FMV is streamed in perfectly, with no load time at all. Actually, there is no load time at all in the game, apparently the next screen is preloaded before you leave the area, if you come close to the edge of the screen, sometimes you can hear the Playstation drive loading up. The game also reads the memory cards suprisingly fast, so saving and loading is no hassle at all.
The game's fighting sequences are the main action type events in the game (however there are others), and are done in the menu style rather than action style, meaning you choose an attack or spell, and the CPU does the rest. However, unlike most menu based RPGs, this one allows more control during the fight scenes, as each characters "delay time" may recover at different times, therefore creating fast paced (and often hectic) action battle sequences. This gives the game more appeal for those gamers who prefer hands on action rather than computer controlled fights, but retains the easy menu interface that menu fighting provides.
The music in FF7 is very good, and plays almost constantly as you play the game, almost non-interrupted through the FMV and back into the game. The sound effects are typical of the this type of game, and although they don't really stand out, they are still good. There is no voice at all in the game, not even in the FMV sequences, however the game doesn't need it. The game is so flawlessly seamed together, it feels like you are really playing a well directed movie rather than a game...a true fantasy.