Gamera 2000

This game is similar to Panzer Dragoon on Saturn, with regards to it being a 3D flying game and having the ability to swivel the angle 360 degrees while on the move. But that is where the similarity ends. The game is based on the Japanese character Gamera, a giant turtle monster from B movies (like Godzilla, etc). You (a bad acting american dude, and your female Japanese copilot) take control of a futuristic fighting jet similar to something from Macross, and Gamera flies beside you, helping to destroy all the baddies that cross your path. the levels fly strait ahead, similar to StarFox, but you can rotate the camera angle 360 degrees to shoot things. You can use your normal ship guns, or hold down the button for a lock on fireball fired by your buddy Gamera...also, if you hold down the "charge" button, Gamera will spin around for a while till his power maxes out, then you can send him to attack bosses for major damage. Some of the levels let you control different vehicles, like levels 2 and 3 let you fly a jet bike through a forest and base (like the Ewok moon in Star Wars...a little bit *too* similar if you ask me).

The graphics in the game are pretty good, and there are cool explosions and lots to destroy as you make your way through the missions...the sound effects are pretty good too, although nothing really superb. Overall the game is a nice little action fest, with some badly acted FMV in between levels...great for the times when all you want to do is blow stuff up and waste foo's.