Legacy of Kain

Legacy of Kain CD cover

This game is one of the best games I've played in a long time. Not since Resident Evil have I sat down and played a game this long. It is simply fun to play, and according to the back of the CD case, it has 100+ hours of gameplay (of course, they usually over-estimate. )...it took me 40 days game time to beat it, which was much less than 100 hours real time. There are 170 different enemies, and a lot of weapon, magic and item powerups. There is no hit points per say, more like a heart container type deal as in Zelda. (actually a blood vial). The same is with the magic meter. The FMV (rendered animation, not live actors) is some of the best I've seen in a long time, rivaling the intro to Tekken 2, and surpassing the Tomb Raider FMV as well. The first FMV scene is very cool, lots of killing and dying and all that fun stuff. The voice overs are actually GOOD! None of that garbage from Resident Evil, these guys went all the way and hired people with real talent. I was really impressed.

The gameplay is very similar to Zelda on SNES, and the graphics, although quite a bit better, are done in about the same perspective. The detail is very good, although it could be better on some things, such as the houses and stuff...but I'm not complaining. Every button on the Playstation control pad is used, and it makes the game very easy to play. hitting the top R buttons allow you to switch quickly between 5 selected magic or items. The top L buttons control viewpoint angle and maps. Square is attack, X is magic/item, O is drink blood, and Triangle pulls down the morph menu. Start lets you select from your different spells, items, and armor, however it takes a second to load back to the game. Select brings up the main options menu, where you can do things such as look at the world map, or view previous FMV sequences from the "Dark Diary". This also requires a slight load time. In case anyone wonders what Kain yells out when he swings his sword fast, it's "Vae Victis", which means "suffering to the conquered", or "woe to the conquered".

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I would say this is a must buy for someone who enjoys the Zelda type adventure game, or someone who loves blood and guts. RPG fans beware, because the game is very action oriented, with none of that menu-style fighting. But the quest is quite an epic one, so don't worry. Anyone who loves a good game should check it out. A must buy. 'Nuff said.

kain battle scene

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