King of Fighters 95

Well, this game isn't really too bad, however it isn't really outstanding in any category. It's the typical 2D fighter from SNK, combining characters from almost all of their fighting games into one battle fest...however, this doesn't mean the game is really that good.

The best part (and worst, cause it loads between rounds) is the fact that you pick teams of 3 characters (set teams, or you can edit them) to fight. This means that you play one round with each character, and always fight 3 rounds. The winner of the previous round keeps their winner, however they also keep their low powerbar, so it's pretty cool.

You can also play it as a normal 3 round 1 on 1 game, but I find team mode more fun. The game isn't the best one out there, but if you like SNK fighters, you'd probably like this one.