This game is very cool. It's similar to Resident Evil, (it's a 3D adventure), but it's less involved with fighting monsters and more about solving puzzles. It still keeps up the suspense of Resident Evil though, and it has a creepy atmosphere. It takes place sometime in the future, in some type of lab or something...and the surrounding areas are very cool. Sorta reminds me of something from the movie Akira, that part when they go underground to the old lab....anyways...

There are 3 viewpoints you can have. One is like a Resident Evil type view, with set camera angles and your character growing and changing perspective as you move. Another is like in Tomb Raider or Mario 64, where the camera is always behind you, and the background moves accordingly. There is also a first person Doom style perspective you can use. The controls are fairly simple, you have a run and use button, and an inventory screen where you can pick from the various items you pick up and use.

Although this is the Japanese version (I hope they bring it out in the US soon), it's not too hard to play, because although there is some talking and a little bit of text, most of the puzzles are self explanitory, and you can figure them out fairly easily.

I'd suggest this game to anyone who likes a good puzzle adventure style game, it's really fun.