Asuka 120% Special Burning Fest % meter always at 120% - player 1

    801E053C 0063

% meter always at 120% - player 2

    801E053E 0063

*note* sub in 0044 in the last part if you want only 100%

Rage Racer Always place 1st

    8009DEDC 0001

crazy driving (buggy code, but kinda cool)

    8009DE20 1111

Hyper Crazy Climber Infinite lives

    80108E24 0002

RockMan 8 invincible

    8015D6FE 5200

99 Screws

    8016C744 0063

Always fire charged gun

    800F0C3E 7FF7

    800F0C52 0100

    8015BDD0 0100

    8015D6E8 0010

    8015D6EA 0010

    8015D6FA 01FF

Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha Infinite life and Level 3 Super Meter P1

    801D6BB4 96C8

Infinite life and Level 3 Super Meter P2

    801D80DC 96C8

Start with 65535 points in Practice Mode (Expert)*

    801EC4B0 FFFF

*note this code will unlock the 4 hidden characters, but you must go to the Expert practice mode once to release them. For some resaon it doesn't unlock the secret barrel thing.

Tobal 2 Infinite life P1 (normal and quest mode)

    80123E70 0FF0

Always in Hyper mode P1 (normal and quest mode)

    80125768 0EB0

**Use any of the 180+ characters in pull-down menu

    801282DE 0115


**you must have seen the characters in the quest mode for their names to appear on the drop down menu. The shark code above lets you use them regardless if they have a C or an F in front of the name. But you must have them on the list to use them. The code will not change the F to a C, so saving won't let you keep the characters. You'll have to use the shark every time. I'm working on a 'real' unlock code.

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