Rage Racer

Well, this is by far the best in the Ridge Racer series. It is very advanced over the other two games, and everything from the graphics to the gameplay has been tweaked to make this the ultimate racing game. You start out with 1 junky car, and as you win races you earn money to buy new cars, and upgrade you old ones. There are a total of 9 (maybe more) completely different cars, and you can change the color and stripes to whatever you like. You can even make your own team name and draw a logo for the hood of you car.

As you upgrade your old cars, they become as good as the new ones, and change in look as well. (new spoilers, big engine addons, etc). You can also pick the grip/drift strength of your tires. This puppy has it all. As you progress through the tracks (4 total that I've seen, even an oval track where you don't have to slow down...ever!) you advance in classes, and each GP gets harder and faster. The backgrounds often change from night to day as you race, and other neat things like that make this game really stand out. But the thing that makes it great is it's fun to play. I found the other RR games rather dull, (tracks seemed to similar, control was kind of strange), but this game improves on all the bad things about the other RR games. The ability to upgrade and buy new cars makes it a lot more fun to play, and advancing in the classes keeps the incentive to play to the next class...this one won't be finished in a few hours, like most racing games, it will take time to advance.