Resident Evil 2

The sequel to 1996's original is everything a sequel should be, except for one detail. First off, the game keeps the same control scheme and 3rd person camera techniques as the original, while improving the graphics, sound, weaponry, and enemies, it is truely a worth sequel. Except, perhaps its just me, but the game is much too easy. The first RE took me about 7.5 hours game time to finish with Jill on my first try, and i died a few times...but I finished RE2 with Leon in one sitting on Normal mode, only took 6 hours game time, and i didn't die once. The end boss was very easy compared to the RE1 end boss, and i had tons of ammo left over that i didn't use or need...which, i guess is a good thing, but overall i was suprised the game was so easy. Granted, there are 4 paths that actually matter this time (beat all 4, and unlock a hidden character with his own levels), so even if the game is a little shorter, it still has plenty of replay value. Plus, cutting zombies in half with a shotgun doesn't get old too fast. Anyway, if you liked the first RE, you'll love the second...and even if you didn't like the first game, you might enjoy the second one because of its slightly different atmosphere and focus more on wasting zombies with massive amounts of firepower.