Remote Wizard

I recently tried out the Remote Wizard controllers, and I must say they suprised me. All the remote controllers I've used in my gaming lifespan have been mediocre at best, either poor quality or bad reception, so i wasn't expecting much from these. However, i found that they not only work as well as a standard controller, but the remote sensor picks up the reception very well. I was facing the other direction, sitting on a chair with my psx on the floor, and yet it still picked up every controller movement I made. The addition of the TV remote is a really cool feature as well, but the small brand database brings down its overall usefulness. Still a really cool idea, and if you have a TV brand that it works with, it could really come in handy when you lose that remote, or just the fact you don't have to move the controller from you hands to change channels or up the volume. If you're looking to pick up some Remote controllers, look into the Remote Wizard from Nuby. They're the best on the market right now.