RockMan 8

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Well, this is probably the best RockMan/MegaMan game made so far. The graphics are the best of all the MM games, and the gameplay and fun bring back memories of the first couple MegaMan games on the NES. This one provides a good challenge; it's not easy like the last few games were. It's about as hard as Mega Man 2, give or take on some levels. As I played through the game, I found out which weapons are good against which bosses+. Here's a chart for those poor souls that just can't beat the boss:

Enemy Weapon against
Clown Man Tornado Hold
Grenade Man       Thunder Claw
Astro Man Homing Sniper (fully charged)
Aqua Man Astro crush
Sword Man Water Balloon
Tangu Man Ice Wave (good boss to start against, normal weapon works well)
Frost Man Flash Bomb
Wiley boss 1 (ceiling guy)          Rock Ball
Wiley boss 2 (jet) Charged Rock Buster, Flame Sword when close
Wiley boss 3 (slime guy) Charged normal weapon to open slime, Thunder Claw on eye
Wiley boss 4 (Treble) Tornado Hold and Astro Crush work fairly well
Wiley boss 5 (ship) Water Balloon and Astro Crush work fairly well
Wiley boss 6 (ship 2) Flash Bomb and Flame Sword work fairly well

Here are some Gameshark codes for those people that own the 'shark:

Infinite Energy: 8015d6d6 2800

Infinite Soccer Ball: (Maybe other weapons too) 80131306 2800

99 Screws: 8016c744 0063