Sailor Moon Super S

As a game in itself, Sailor Moon is really not all that great. However, if you're a fan of the show, you will probably find something to like in this game. The gameplay, although rather sluggish and slow, is typical of 2D fighting games. It relies mostly on special moves, as the jump in attacks and standard moves are not that useful. The special moves, as Sailor Moon fans will be happy to know, are the special moves from the show (but hey what did you expect), and the characters yell our their trademark attack voices when they do them. You can play as any of the 10 scouts from Super S, but you can only use the Inner Senshi and Chibi in 1 player mode. There are actually no bad guys in the game at all, you just fight other scouts for "best sailor scout" or something like that. You can change your character's attributes to give more power in certain areas, such as defence, kick/punch power, special move power, etc. The game's graphics are very strange. The characters are rendered, yet the backgrounds are hand drawn animation. I really don't understand why the people that made the game desided to use rendered graphics for the characters, considering the animation is the high point of the show in the first place. Hopefully the sequel to this game will either use high quality animation like in Street Fighter Zero, or else use well textured polygons like Bushido Blade or Soul Edge.

Here are some scanned images from the manual...

sailor moon cover                             

some story background...

Some moves...

Here are the moves for the characters. Keep in mind that you can always make it so that the top L/R buttons and an attack button perform special moves by choosing the red option after picking your character.

Super Sailor Moon Tiera toss: d,f, punch

Super Heart throw: f,d,b kick

Moon Shield: f,d,f, punch

Super Special: d,f,b,f, punch+kick

Super Sailor Chibi Moon Luna P throw: f,b,f, punch

Heart throw: d,f, punch

dive kick: jump, d+kick

Super Special: d,f,b,d, punch+kick

Sailor Mercury Bubble blast: f,b,f,+punch

Ice Bubble blast: b,d,f, punch

Leg spin: b,d,b, kick

Super Special: f,d,b,b,d,f, punch+kick

Sailor Mars Fire Bird: d,f, punch

Celestial Fire Surround: b,d,f, punch

Flame kick: b,d,b, kick

Super Special: f,d,b,f, punch+kick

Sailor Jupiter Thunder Crash: f,b,f, punch

Lightning ball: b,d,f, punch

Leg spin: f,d,f, kick

Super Special: b,f,d,b, punch +kick

Sailor Venus Crestent V Smash: d,f, punch

Love Chain Encircle: f,b,f, punch

Love Chain Inferno: f,d,f, kick

Super Special: d,b,d,f,d, punch+kick

Sailor Pluto Planet fireball: d,f, punch

Staff spin: f,b,f, punch

Super Special: b,d,f,b, punch+kick

Sailor Saturn Electric staff uppercut: b,d,f, punch

Protection shield ball: b,d,b, kick

Super Special: b,f,d,u, punch+kick

Sailor Neptune Planet Fireball: d,b, punch

Flame uppercut: f,d,f, punch

Super Special: b,d,f,d,b, punch+kick

Sailor Uranus Planet Fireball: f,d, punch

Fire charge/uppercut: f,b,f, punch

Super Special: f,b,d,f, punch+kick

The attributes screen stuff is as follows, from top to bottom:

punch power
kick power
throwing power
defense power
life bar
frequency of Taunt move
Special move strength
Super Special move strength

Here are some cool mini-pics that I took from the manual...but I made them bigger!


mars and venus


Intro song from SMSS (zipped wav format)

(*note* above song is very poorly recorded...I'll try and get a better sample at a later time, sorry.)

Some pix I snagged somewhere (not mine):

Other Sailor Moon stuff:

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