Star Gladiator

Capcom's first attempt at a 3D fighting game comes out as a big success in my book. This game is very good in both graphics and gameplay, and has some cool unique features about it.

One is the fact that each character has a glowing weapon of some sort (sword, axe, ring, etc..) that looks really cool. They leave light trails when you attack, and when you use "Dark Fighting" they glow in the dark. The combos are button tap like in Tekken or Virtua Fighter, but they are easier to do, and you get a combo chart while you do them. The characters are very different from each other, so it keeps the fun up and the boredom down. There are other things that make the game cool, such as combo enders called Finals, in which your character does a final 6th hit that does more damage and looks really, really cool. There are also super hits called Plasma strikes that you can do once per round by hitting all 4 front buttons. This move is really powerful, and can easily take off more than 1/3 of the enemies life, however it is slow, and you glow before the strike so it gives it away. Timing is critical on those if you want to use them successfully.

I'd have to say this is one of my favorite 3D fighting games, and recommend it to anyone who likes this type of game. I like it much better than Soul Edge, which is sometimes compared to this game. The play control in Star Gladiator is just much better.

Here are the codes to play as the bosses:

G = X, A = Squ, B = Tri, K = O


Bilstein: enter arcade mode, keep holding select, select gore, press G, K, G, K, A, A, A, B, B, B, press G+K

Kappah: enter arcade mode, go to Gore, press select & keep it held, go to Hayato, press K, A, B, A, G, A, B, A, K, A, press G+B

Blood: enter arcade mode, press and hold select, go to Bilstein, press G, A, G, A, G, A, go to Kappah press K, B, K, B, K, B, then press L1 + R1 and release the select button.

Other cheats:

Dark Fighting: hold L2 + R2 + down when fight loads

Big head/feet: hold O + Squ + Select + right when fight loads

Little head: hold O + Squ + Select + left when fight loads