Steel Harbinger

This game is quite unique...I can't really decide if it's a good game or not. You control a half naked chick running around shooting aliens and saving humans. It's a 3/4 3D perspective, and you can zoom in or out as you like. It's a fairly fast moving game, and you can get a few different weapons right from the start. When you blow up the aliens, they explode quite nicely, and also laying around all over the place are blown apart people, sometimes cut in half with their guts spilled out, or splatted up against a wall. The detail in the background scenery is pretty good, however you and the enemies seem a bit pixelated. I'd say this game is strangely good, and I'd give this one a rental to see if you'd like it. It's rather different, and it's nice to have a fresh game out there...however, I'm not really sure it's that good of one. I'll have to play it some more to figure it out.