Wipeout XL

Although I really didn't like the first Wipeout game, this one is quite a bit better. The graphics and gameplay have been boosted up a quite a bit, and it's a lot more fun to play. I'd go as far to as saying it's one of the best psx games graphically, with the tracks and backgrounds using great light sourcing and other neat tricks to make this game stand out. With all it's plus sides though, I don't find myself playing this one much. When I do play it, it's fun to play, and even the loading screen is cool, so the load time is not a problem at all. However, when it's not turned on, I never seem to get the urge to play it. It's a great game though, one of the best racing games on psx out there.

Using spaceship thingies for racing games isn't a new concept, but this time it's been done well enough that the game surpasses most of the car racing games out there, and to me that's a big accomplishment, and I'd suggest that any racing game fan check this game out. I think that even non-racing fans may get some enjoyment out of this one.