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Project News

Results from June 20 Swine Field Day


Hello 4-H & FFA members,Sheep News
Welcome to summer. I hope you and your project are staying cool and unstressed during these days of high temperatures. School is out and fair is sneaking up on us. At this point you should be evaluating your animal and making any adjustments to your feeding program for the next few weeks. Here are some standard questions you might ask yourself:

  • How much does my animal weigh?
  • Is it gaining too fast or too slow?
  • Is it too soft or too lean?
  • Does it have enough muscle or should I enhance it?
  • How many days to my fair?
  • What can I do to make it look better?

If you’re really on the ball, you have already asked and answered these questions. But if time has gotten away from you, please take a few moments to look this over and give me a call at Rainbow if you need any assistance on your feeding program. We have Purina’s Honor High Octane show supplements to help in any feeding situation. READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

2013 J & S Swine Field Day

The 12th Annual J&S Swine Clinic with Susan Pierce took place at the Redwood Empire Fairgrounds this year. There were over 57 kids from Mendocino, Lake, Humboldt and Sonoma Counties in attendance. That’s pretty impressive. The kids listened to presentations given by David Furtato and Shelby & Megan Weinrich on clipping, training and showmanship techniques…..Exhibitors had the opportunity to clip pigs and compete in showmanship and skill-a-thon contests. During this event, the Redwood Valley/ Calp 4-H Club provided lunch and sold raffle tickets. Over $950 was collected with the proceeds going to the Jane Amundson Scholarship fund, Born And Raised in Mendocino County, REF Fair Junior Awards, and Friends of Wyatt Phillips Leukemia Foundation .

Congratulations to all that participated in this event. Also a Huge thank you to Susan Pierce of the Redwood Valley Calpella 4-H Club, who puts herself out there for these kids each and every year. Her commitment is truly appreciated.

Field Day Results

Guess The Weight Contest
1st- Laynie Wright- Scotts Valley 4-H
2nd – Kylie Kornegay – Ukiah Shamrock

1st Rebecca Pierachini – Potter Valley FFA
2nd – Kevin Amundson – Redwood Valley/ Calp 4-H
3rd – Ashley Edwards – Covelo FFA
4th _ Wyatt Smith – Scotts Valley 4-H
5th – Garrett Campbell – Long Valley 4-H

Advanced Showmanship (18 Exhibitors)duroc hog
1st - Kevin Amundson – Redwood Valley/ Calp 4-H
2nd - Hannah Whitely – Long Valley 4-H
3rd – Trenton Williams - Redwood Valley/ Calp 4-H
4th- Scott Dailey – Potter Valley 4-H
5th – Wesley Fox - Redwood Valley/ Calp 4-H

Novice Showmanship 9 & 10 olds (6 exhibitors)
1st - Laynie Wright- Scotts Valley 4-H
2nd – Angel Mann – Potter Valley 4-H
3rd – Wyatt Wilson – Hydesville 4-H
4th – Kylie Kornegay – Ukiah Shamrock
5th – Collin Rawles – Long Valley 4-H

Novice Showmanship 11 & up (6 exhibitors)
1st - Emma Ziegler – Warm Springs 4-H
2nd – Kenzie Kornegay – Ukiah Shamrock
3rd – Alyssa Johnson - Redwood Valley/ Calp 4-H
4th – Kylah Salinas – Potter Valley 4-H
5th – Ethan Ferguson – Willits 4-H

FFA Novice Showmanship
1st- Dawson Tangermann – Middletown FFA
2nd – Julia Almind – Forrestville FFA

Intermediate Showmanship (25 exhibitors)
1st- Wyatt Smith – Scotts Valley 4-H
2nd – Mac Osmond –Alexander Valley 4-H
3rd – Hannah Brown - Redwood Valley/ Calp 4-H
4th – Kyle Rogers - Redwood Valley/ Calp 4-H
5th – Tyler Ault - Redwood Valley/ Calp 4-H

Sheep Showing Essentials

show clipping sheepStory and photos by Micky Burch

As club lambs have become increasingly Hamp-influenced over the last few years, shearing and fitting sheep has evolved into an art form. Where it used to be popular to use Super Surgical blades to prepare a sheep for show, many fitters now prefer to use Fine or even Medium blades to accomplish a more natural look. But before the fun of fine-tune fitting comes into play, sheep need their baby wool knocked off. Following are the basics for roughing out, shearing for shows and fitting club lambs.


Sheep Newsletter Courtesy of
Premier 1 Sheep Newsletter

Articles Include:

  • Slick Shearing Show Sheep
  • Blocking Show Sheep
  • Sheep Showing Essentials
  • Control of Sheep Pests
  • Ten Tips for Health & Happiness



Outstanding Breeder Award
Sponsored by McAsey Farms

This award is dedicated to Chuck Ream, a prestigious livestock breeder in Mendocino County. Chuck is known for his continuous support of youth projects at the local, state and national levels. He has served as a 4H leader, FFA advisor and as Youth Advisor for the California Suffolk and Hampshire Sheep Association and the National Junior Suffolk Sheep Association. Through his mentoring, many young individuals have succeeded in the livestock field as breeders, ag instructors, livestock judges and 4H leaders. It is because of his vision of the importance of youth in agriculture that we choose to honor Mr. Ream

One junior exhibitor will be named the 2013 Outstanding Breeder at the Mendocino County Fair and awarded a silver buckle and $500 cash. All FFA, 4H and independent junior producers who have livestock breeding projects in beef, dairy, swine, sheep, goats, rabbits or poultry are eligible. Previous winners may not re-apply. The winner will be announced at the Exhibitor’s Dinner on Saturday night of the Mendocino County Fair in Boonville, CA.

More information and application coming soon.


What is the Horizon Program?
Download all the Horizon information, forms, account application and more HERE (pdf files)

Welcome 4-H and FFA members to the 2010 Fair season.  We are excited to introduce some new ideas for this year.  We have changed our great pricing program to make it even better.  Instead of the two-part discount for those members having breeding (year round) projects, and those with market (terminal fair animals) projects, we have decided to give all members the same low price year round. We continue to offer a credit account for those animals being raised as terminal market animals. This is also a great way for members to keep track of their purchases. Land O Lakes Purina has introduced a combination of award winning show feeds to make feeding your projects much easier. Please come into the store and let us help you with the new feeding program. We will give you personalized assistance in planning out your project from start to finish.

  • Horizon members can purchase feed for their market animals at Rainbow’s cost
  • We also realize that many members are raising their own projects your round so we have structured our program to give a better breeding project discount all year
  • Members will receive a discount on show supplies such as shampoos, show sticks, canes, halters and grooming aids. This discount in 10% off retail. (Does not apply to hay and bedding)

Our Horizon program starts fresh each season. This allows us to coincide with the 4-H and FFA project year. What this means is we require members to complete a credit application every year (for charge accounts only), and a Horizon form that automatically enters you into the Rainbow Ag. Land O Lakes/Purina Mills feeding program. Members who raise champion market animals and meet the requirements will earn great awards.

Rainbow supports youth in agriculture by sponsoring many events throughout Lake and Mendocino Counties. As well as showcasing our customer’s achievements and reporting on special interests stories.

Download complete information, account application and Horizon application here.

Come in to Rainbow in Ukiah or Lakeport and sign up for the Horizon program, and see you at the fairs!

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From Honor® Show Chow®

If you haven't already, check out Honor Show Chow's all new web site! The site features some of the old with lots of new features. You can ask the show animal experts questions about your current projects or post your animal's picture on the site. Also coming soon is a new feature called the Ambassador Blogs. Go to the site today to see some of your questions answered on video! Don't forget to become an HSC Member to receive all kinds of cool updates and information. Visit today to see all the great new features!


What do I feed my Show Animals?

If you are preparing a Market or Show animal for the upcoming season, check out these informative charts from Land O Lakes Purina Mills feeds --then download the Market Animal Weight Projection Worksheet (complete with directions) to plan just what you need to do with your Market Animal to have it in peak condition for the Fair.

These files are in pdf format, you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print.
Get it here.