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Charlie and Kate

Charlie and Kate


Charlie was my 22 year old Belgian draft horse gelding. I bought him August 1st 2009. He was 500 lbs underweight. I have his rescue story posted on about.com with one update to it. I had to euthanize Charlie March 1st 2010. He was my best friend, my heart, he touched so many people in the short 7 months that I had him. I miss Charlie terribly. There is a huge hole in my heart where Charlie was. I know our spirits will join again someday. I love my kates charlie horse with my heart and my soul. He was the best horse a 1st time owner at age 53 could ever have hoped for. Kate

Rescue Story
Rescue Story Update

Poem I read at Charlie's memorial-

I'll Wait for You...

I got to the gate of heaven today,
After we said goodbye.

I began to miss you terribly,
Because I heard you cry.

Suddenly there was an angel,
And she asked me to enter heaven's gate.

I asked her if I could stay outside
For someone who would be late.

I wouldn't make much noise you see,
I wouldn't whinny or neigh.
I'll only wait here patiently,
And quietly munch my hay.

The angel said I could stay right here
And wait for you to come.

Because heaven just wouldn't be heaven
If I went in all alone.

So, I'll wait right here,
you take your time,
I won't go in while we're apart.

Because heaven just wouldn't be heaven
So, just keep me in your heart.

~Author Unknown~


Chevis Lucky Chantz
Registered Palomino and American Quarter Horse
Owners: Louis & Gloria Riccardi

My sweet, beautiful Chantz, I’m so sad that life’s ride came to such an abrupt halt for us. You’re always in my thoughts and my dreams, leaving your hoof prints on my heart, as you gallop through heaven’s gate, into my cherished memories.

You loved running free in the pasture and I loved watching you. You were the perfect partner, Parelli trained and cowboy loved.

Even when the on-call vet refused to help us because you were a Lake County horse, you trusted me enough to do what I asked of you. I wish I could have saved you. You deserved more.

Through the streams of tears, I can see you dancing with the angels in God’s herd, spreading those wings as far and wide as you can.

My sweet, beautiful Chantz, until we meet again…
Gloria Riccardi

Lotsofrealestate TB 4 years old
Winner of the St Joan of Arc Club Stakes
Golden Gate Fields 4/18/91

Lotsofrealestate TB
April 24, 1987 -- May 23, 2006

Brave, Graceful Athlete
My partner and friend, you will always live in my heart



Cal Grand Horseshow 1993
Bonnie and her foal, Tangle Blue 1999



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