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News! News! News! Updated 3.30.99
  • Today's thought - "Life is a waste of time, time is a waste of life, so get wasted all of the time and have the time of your life."

  • WOW! We just played two killer shows w/our pals - the Groovie Ghoulies! Friday at Bojangles was great w/PtC, the Knockoffs and Buck. Saturday was even crazier w/the Bobbyteens and the Demonics at Slim's. Thanks for everyone who made is out it rocked! The Ghoulies are promoting there newest release, "Fun in the Dark." Pick up a copy - I did.

  • The Secret Life of Punch the Clown is still available you monkey's. BUY, BUY, BUY!

  • Our radio promotions company has been getting the new album spun on numerous college radio stations. In fact we're #1 in New Mexico! Thanks! Thanks to all the fans for your support - keep it up!

  • If your not on the mailing list GET ON IT!

  • We've LOST another BAMMIE. BAMMIE fact for '98, 3 of the 4 bands nominated from Northern California are on the "This is raj..and this is SKA." compilation from way back. It's dope so pick up a copy.

  • We get a lot of email questions about us going on tour. Currently PtC spends it's quality time in Northern CA. But that doesn't mean that we wouldn't want to. If you have any PtC questions or want us to play don't be shy. Email or call 415.495.5675 - kevin.

ska (ska)n. [From Jamaican English ska-aksa-aska-
ska-aska, imitative of the music's driving, offbeat rhythms.
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