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punch the clown Punch The Clown
is Caught Red Handed

Davis SKA Sensation's stunning debut. 17 of the rudest tracks for you and yours to sing and skank along too. Featuring the hit "Sweatty Betty".
is caught red handedhas sold thousands of copies with the blessing and support of raj. He has worked endlessly in promoting the band and their good works.

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As seen in SkaFunkRastaPunk ezine issue #4 Punch the Clown "...Is Caught Red Handed"

       Okay, these guys were featured on raj records'"This is raj...This is Ska" compilation which I did not get, but I DID get this first solo album from Puch the Clown and it's pretty good. Punch the Clown is a 7-man/woman 3rd Wave ska group out of California (there's something new =) ). The band is really tight with a strong horn section that displays its talent in some instrumentals placed throughout this album. This album even includes 4 live songs tacked onto the end of the regular song set.

       These guys have more of a two-tone sound than a stereotyped3rd wave punky-ska sound. On songs like "C.I.A. Chick" and "Wise Guy," you hear a distinct spy sound that is reminiscent of the 2-Tone era. Some highlights on this album include "Trousers Full of Lovin'"-which is featured on Moon's Spawn of Skarmageddon compilation, "Sweaty Betty"-which contains many a reference to ska songs of yester year, and "Intro"-nothingto say about this introductory instrumental. Though I don't like the leadsinger's voice much, the band really has some talent and should be given aspin on your disc player sometime soon.

As seen in SkaFunkRastaPunk ezine issue #4. Go to raj's links page to visit this site!

Trousers Full of 'Lovin
Sweaty Betty
C.I.A. Chick

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