Tiny LEGO Compressor

by Michael Powell

I've built a few LEGO compressors, but this is my best design yet. Small, light, sturdy, good power. See the close-up photos for basic construction.

This shows the standard 9v motor with the large pulley. The white beams are held firmly around the motor with the black half beams. One port from the air tank can be seen in the upper left.

Two more half beams are used to support the axle between the large and the small pulley (on the right).

Moving around to the other side, the small pulley is used to run the compressor pump. a short segment of air hose goes up to the air tank

The mount for the air tank is interesting... three short axles are stuck in the bottom of the tank, then run through a rarely seen 1x3 beam with 3 holes... (just kidding) It's really a 1x2-beam with 2 holes, and a 1x1 with a hole. The axles go through these 3 holes, and then are captured by the 3 half bushings. The whole mount is firmed up with yet another half beam. (darned handy things!)

My next project is to build a small, adjustable pressure switch that will turn off the motor as when the pressure has been increased to a set-point., I have a very small microswitch that I plan to use, but I'm not sure how best to trigger it.... a small diaphragm would probably be most accurate, but may take up too much room.

Visit my LEGO Transmission page!

(photos taken with the Casio QV-11 Digital Camera)

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