Christina Gray's Antarctic Log

-Entry for December 8, 1995-

My name is Christina Gray I am a Freshman from El Molino High School. I am working with my teacher Ms. Walker on Virtual Antarctica. I decided to try this out because I thought it would be interesting to be one of the first students to participate in this virtual experience. So far we have had members of the party that are going to Antarctica visit our school. This happened on November the 28th. We have also had the wonderful chance to play around on the web site. Considering this was my first time being involved with the Internet I was very excited.

When the people from virtual Antarctica visited our school we had a chance to ask them questions about anything we were interested in about Antarctica. They told us about the climate of Antarctica and what clothing they use. We learned about the ship, the passage that they will be taking, and the animals that live there. It was my first time online so I was trying to learn everything I needed to know to use it. My classmates and I learn about the ship, the history of Antarctica, the animal life, and the exploration.

I am very glad that I am having the chance to be involved in the exploration. I think everyone should try to get involved with the Internet because you need to use this technology more and more in the world. It is also a good chance for students to be allowed to get involved in virtual activities around the world.

-Entry for December 15, 1995-

On Tuesday, December 13, 1995, the explorers are now in Ushuaia. Jonathan and Kevin are trying to untangle their technology mess, and still enjoy the beauty of this city. In their hotel room they are blowing electrical outlets quickly. It's funny how their room says "Don't leave anything valuable in the room." And they have these thousands of dollars worth of equipment in the room. But that's OK. We do that everyday, nothing out of the ordinary.

-Entry for December 16, 1995-

Today, December 16, the explorers of Antarctica saw lots of little penguin chicks and humpback whales. It was my first time having a live chat all by myself, so it was a bit confusing, but next time it should be easier. My brother Peter is even getting into this Virtual Antarctica. It is all so fascinating to actually be talking to people that are thousands of miles away. I hope I will get to know everything they do from day to day on their expedition.

-Entry for December 17, 1995-

Today, Sunday December 17, the ship was having problems with their satellite so they had to end the chat early. They were supposed to land in Charlotte Bay, which is beautiful. But I did not get a chance to ask them how it looked. In their logs, I read that the sail over the Drake passage was a little bumpy. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I can see how their trip is going so far.

-Entry for December 18, 1995-

On Monday December18, the explorers of Antarctica seem a little tired but amazed at the beauty that surrounds them. As they said, I never can tell when it is night or day time, the sun's always out. At their stop in Charlotte Bay, they got to go and see a shack in which explorers lived. They thought, wow, it is so bare and rugged. They were much happier to be on a ship with a heater and restaurant-like meals. I hope tomorrow they get to see much more beauty.

-Entry for December 20, 1995-

On December 20th, the explorers are faced with a problem: the ice is thickening to two meters thick. The Livonia can break through it but they risk ice forming behind them so they can't go backwards if for some reason they can't go forward. They are now in the Bismark Channel trying to figure out what they want to do. That doesn't stop them from sightseeing. The penguins and their chicks are amusing the explorers. The beauty of Antarctica is breathtaking. Even though things are all white, they are arranged in an infinite variety of different shapes.

-Entry for January 5, 1995-

Over the past month, I have gotten the chance to hear the wonderful stories of Antarctica. I learned a tremendous amount about the Internet and e-mailing. Although there were problems like not getting to communicate with the crew too well, they gave us an overwhelming amount of information, and personal experiences of the island.

I think the whole thing was great. I also think everyone should get a chance to get involved with the internet. People would learn so much if they had a chance to do a month of this virtual experience.

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