Me in the Infrared

Posted on January 5th, 2010 — permalink

The Spitzer booth at the AAS has an infrared camera set up, so you can see what you look like in wavelengths just longward of one micron.

This is me:


I’ve got my mouth wide open in a jolly smile, which is why that part is glowing. Meanwhile, you can see that my glasses do not transmit infrared light as well as they transmit optical light, and are not as warm as my face, so they show up as dark spots.

One Response to “Me in the Infrared”

  1. Paul Says:

    They have one of these at the science museum in Ann Arbor, where we all went last weekend. I had fun demonstrating different things to Erika and some other children, like how you would leave heat footprints when you walked in socks but not when you walked in shows, and how you could actually write on the carpet with your finger.