JV_Map, old updates


Older udpates;


I thought I'd come up against an impassable wall with respect to memroy freeing in Java, but I have since figured out that the problem appears to be a bug in all implementations of Java 1.3. (I've tried three VMs on Linux and one on Solaris, and they all have the problem.) As such, I don't recommend anybody use any version of Java 1.3 at the moment... but I will continue with development of JV_Map (just using Java 1.1 myself).


JV_Map 0.9.10 : support for viewing and editing counter comments. (It's at the bottom of the counter popup menu, which you get with the right mouse button, or with a shift and hold of the left mouse button, over a counter.)


JV_Map 0.9.9 online: Now we have support of BMP images!. This should make it easier for people to communicate back and forth with V_Map.


JV_Map 0.9.8 put online, as part of an attempt to figure out how to get Java working on bloody Windows machines.


JV_Map 0.9.6 put online. This version represents a huge code reorganization. Functionality hasn't changed, but I'm less embarassed by the source code (meaning I might actually release it at some point), and it should be easier to reuse the code for other things I hope to do, like a realtime networked game board.


Thanks to the knowledge and patience of Guy McLimore, it should now be a little easier to get JV_Map running on a Mac. Previously, you had to download the Java SDK; Guy has hopefully already performed that step for JV_Map 0.8.3. See the installation instructions page for more info. I've also figured out that the ever-plaguing redraw bug is still there. Rats.


Yeah, it's been a long time. Relevant changes include the removal of the need for a command line, the ability to load a new VMP file without restarting the program, I believe the fixing of the "undrawn counters" bug, and some other miscellaneous stuff.


Release version 0.7.7. I actually finished this version a while ago, so I can't remember any more what's different about it :) It's probably better, though.


Release version 0.6.7, which fixes bugs introduced in version 0.6.5. As a bonus, the full VMP 1.5 file spec is now really supported; it claimed to have been, but hadn't been, previously. There are even the standard VMAP-like comments in the save files!


Release version 0.6.1 beta, and then 0.6.5 beta:
  1. Hopefully fix the "hang while images loading" problem. We'll see.
  2. Now holding down the shift key while clicking on either the map or a counter will bring up the appropriate popup menu. I also put in a fix that will hopefully make the "standard" popup trigger work on more systems. On Linux, the right mouse button brought up the popup menu, but it wasn't working well on other systems. Hopefully, this will fix that problem. (Again, we'll see.)

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