More Cool Linux Pictures

This classic may be the first Linux "logo" ever created; it was apparently posted by Thomas Dunbar as a METAFONT (TeX) character way back on 2 February 1993. Our bud Olaf Kirch dug it up and sent it in:

[Linus reading paper: ``Linux News: `1.0 is in!' says Linus'']

This cool animated image is from the SciTeXt home page and was apparently created by the SciTeXt developers, Matthias "Angus" Greim and Christian "Ulli" Ullenboom. Andrew Fish rearranged it slightly so that the first image is the LinuX Shred-O-Matic, which then re-enters on the left and destroys a certain other logo (that happens to be a registered trademark of Microsoft, cough cough, mumble mumble):

[`LinuX' with spinning X munching up `Microsoft']

Paul Jaekel similarly abuses another Microsoft logo:

[`LinuX Now! 2.0' button with tiny penguin]

And Tony Henry just throws rocks...big rocks:

[`Linux 96' as asteroid crashes into Microsoft logo]

Sometimes simplicity rules. This "straightforward" button was created by Chris Snell. Say it loud, say it proud, bro!

[`damn straight, it's powered by LINUX']

Wlodzimierz Lapot submitted this alternate beer-glass style for the Virtual Beer logo; the "virtual" part is missing, but perhaps that can be rectified one of these days:

[`Powered By Linux' alternate prototype logo]

Here's a threesome by Ean Schuessler's brother Erik:

[`Linux NOW!' button with stairs logo]

[`This Site is Powered By LINUX' stairs logo]

[full-sized `L' stairs logo]

Here's a pair from Gregory Youngblood of InfiniCom, really designed for a white background:

[`Linux 2.0' small logo]

[`Linux 2.0:  Where do you want to go TOMORROW?' logo]

The tomorrow theme is a popular one, as also seen in this raytraced design by Rich Demanowski:

[raytraced `Linux 2.0:  Where do you want to go Tomorrow?' with big X]

These three ray-traced variations on a theme are from Steven "World Wide" Webb ( and rendered with Truespace:

[ray-traced, shiny `Linux']

[wireframe `Linux: Hack the Kernel!']

[ray-traced `Linux' floating in the middle of two horizontal hoops]

This POV-Ray-generated sunset image is by James Roth:

[`Linux 2.0' floating in front of a sunset-lit, rendered canyon]

Rob Wehrli designed this in-your-face image; do we detect a certain anti-Windoze bias? Nahhh...

[`LINUX RULEZ,' as shark munches on a window]

Mike Callaham created this sly Star Wars-based image with POV-Ray 2.2; it may be a little rough, but its cleverness makes up for that:

[`Use the Source: Linux' with an X-wing fighter as the `x']

Here's another clever design, although it's not immediately apparent what the relationship is between Linux and a bunch of medieval weapons... Brian Hammond is responsible:

[`Linux' written as an axe, a morning star, etc.]

Here's one more ray-traced Linux-95 logo, courtesy of Ron Holt of Caldera and elegant in its simplicity. It was created by Ralph Yarro Design (

[ray-traced `Linux' in front of large `95' on red and black background]

This lovely image by Charles Barrasso is even simpler and--dare Greg say it?--even more elegant:

[golden `Linux' floating in space, with the Sun as the dot over the `i']

Messing with the dot of the `i' is another theme that runs through several of the images in Greg's collection. This cute image by Frank Hart suffers from poor contrast in the central region, unfortunately:

[`Linux' with a `2' in place of the dot]

Ward Bekker made this logo with a worthy slogan. The copyright is rather obtrusive and breaks the symmetry, but the idea is good:

[`Linux: spoil your computer!' over a green marble background]

This pair of ray-traced Linux logos is by J&J Imaging (creators of the non-Linux Segmentation Fault and Floating-Point EGGception images available elsewhere). The first was rendered with POV-Ray on an HP 9000/750 (presumably not running Linux); the second was created under Windows (gasp!) with 3DFX from Asymmetrix. Both can be ordered directly as t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads and whatnot. Greg would like to thank John Fawcett for sending him a clean, high-resolution version of the New Beginning graphic simply in order to create the small image shown here:

[ray-traced `Virtual Brewery' Linux logo]

[ray-traced `Give Your Computer A New Beginning' Linux logo]

Moving into the more abstract, the ultra-chrispy Chris Philo made this:

[`Linux: Power Users Paradise' written in fuzzy, glowing letters]

This image by Michael J. Hammel appeared in his article on "Graphics Tools For Linux" in Issue 31 of the Linux Journal. For those like Greg who can't, at first glance, quite make out what the background is supposed to be, it's an abstract view of buildings along a city street:

[`Linux Journal' overlaid on an abstract city street]

Last modified 18 February 2007.