Software Development [Dilbert hacking] *

Listed below are a few of the freely available projects on which Greg has worked (and in most cases continues to work, albeit somewhat slowly now that a microhacker and a microslacker have entered his life):

 * Arena 16-bit X support, minor PNG fixes
 * BadRAM updates for 2.4.24 and 2.4.27 (Rick van Rein's Linux kernel patch)
 * check for Unix and OS/2 (CRC/Adler-32 filter, née crc; core code is Mark's)
 * defines script for Unix (automatically determine C compiler's predefined macros)
 * 256-color Doom icons for Linux (especially nice with fvwm)
 * ega2ram, ega2lq, ega2fast (assembly-language DOS device drivers and TSRs)
 * original OS/2 elvis port (vi clone)
 * fdate for Unix (print system or file times in integer format)
 * file(1)/magic(5) contributions (determine file types)
 * from hacks (BSD mail utility)
 * gif2png palette optimization, auto-interlacing, quiet mode, summary info (+ timestamps, nicer names, color output in own version)
 * giftool patch to fix array-bounds bug, etc.
 * gpr (multimode, multi-OS ASCII-to-PostScript converter)
 * hd contributions (generic hex dumper for Unix, etc.; output similar to DOS DEBUG)
 * img2pdf (convert multiple PNG, TIFF and/or JPEG images to a PDF file)
 * intel2gas inline-assembly contributions (MASM-to-AT&T conversion only)
 * lha contributions (free Japanese compressor/archiver for Unix, etc.)
 * libpng MMX port (gcc/gas), fixes, additions, API
 * life contributions (OS/2 screen saver by Q)
 * mailx hacks to fix short-int/more(1) bug, add settable From: and Reply-To: support, support colors, etc. (BSD mail client)
 * MNG and JNG image formats (animated GIF replacement, transparent JPEG format)
 * Mozilla PNG rewrite (Netscape Communicator 6.0 open source code)
 * NetPBM alpha-channel support (in progress)
 * PNG image format (non-animated GIF and TIFF replacement)
 * png2linuxlogo (convert 80x80 palette PNG to linux_logo.h format for boot logo)
 * pngcheck contributions, including MNG and JNG support (tests images, displays chunk info)
 * pngquant (quantize/dither 32-bit RGBA PNG images to 8-bit or smaller RGBA-palette images)
 * pngsplit (splits PNG, MNG, JNG into constituent chunks)
 * pnmtopng / pngtopnm contributions (convert PNG images to and from NetPBM format)
 * pushd / popd contributions (OS/2 REXX clones of Unix pushd/popd/dirs built-ins)
 * rpng, rpng2 and wpng PNG demo programs for Unix/X and Win32
 * systype script for Linux
  (Welcome to Linux 2.2.17pre12 (ELF) on a 379 MB, dual 267 MHz Pentium II system.)
 * tiff2png fax aspect-ratio hack, error-handling fixes
 * timeset script for Unix (``poor man's ntpd'')
 * Unix timestamp code for unrar (free Unix/etc. unarchiver bundled with RAR for DOS)
 * UnZip
 * VMS ports of Berkeley uuencode and uudecode
 * which clone for OS/2, MS-DOS and Unix (find locations of commands)
 * X Mosaic hacks for progressive display of images, including GIF and PNG interlacing
 * XPaint PNG support and other features
 * XV PNG improvements, background-color/transparency option, jumbo patches
 * Zip, not to mention some fairly cool Info-ZIP logos (e.g., below)
 * wildcard support for the old (good) version of VMS zmodem

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