S2 Games
(2006 - 2008)

Position: Lead Visual Effects Artist

Summary: As the Visual Effects Lead for S2 Games my primary responsibility was in the design, coding and implementation of a wide range of effects for multiple game titles. Using S2's proprietary Savage Game Engine and through extensive use of XML, 3D Studio Max and Photoshop I designed and coded effects for fire, frost, water, wind, poison, dust, magic, rock, blood, overhead unit buffs, character body effects, aura designs, impacts and projectiles. I built an extensive sprite library from the ground up, managed the exporting and troubleshooting of model definition files, updated and troubleshot game configuration settings and worked closely with program leads to test and develop production tools to extend the boundaries of the Savage Effects Engine.

As part of a 6-person art team I also worked very closely with all elements of the art production pipeline as a technical lead as well as assisting in art direction.

Check out: S2games

San Francisco Academy of Art University
(2001 - 2005)

Graduated: Bachelor of Fine Arts: 3D Animation and Visual Effects

Summary: During my time at the Academy I studied techniques in the production of fine art and visual effects for the development of video games and film. Subjects of focus included VFX: Scripting, VFX: Compositing, VFX: Design, Maya 3D, 3D texturing, 3D Lighting and Rendering, 3D Modeling and Animation. Fine Art classes included multiples of figure drawwing, analysis of form, perspective, color theory, anatomy, design and sculpture.

Over the course of 4 years the Academy introduced me to and immersed me in, the professional world of the fine artist. I was trained to both produce and direct, and was inspired by some of the best fine artists and VFX artists in the entertainment industry. The Academy set me on a course to continue my professional career doing what I love - telling stories with my art.

Check out: The Academy of Art University

(Sept. 2000 - Nov. 2000)

Position: Production Manager/Traffic Coordinator

Summary: Based in San Francisco, I was the coordinating team manager for feature content production and live site update relays between Australia and San Francisco for live coverage of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. I was responsible for tracking and posting all content for 15 sports sites in addition to ensuring timely synchronization of TV-to-website content promotions broadcast live on the NBC Television Network throughout Olympic game coverage.

NBCOlympics.com won several awards for "Best Online Olympic Coverage" of the Sydney 2000 Olympics and was the most visited website in the world for 4 consecutive days during the games. In one two-week period alone, the site received 5 million unique visitors.

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Finalfour.net: The Official Site of the NCAA Championships (Dec. 2000 - Feb. 2001)

Position: Production Manager

Summary: As a Production Manager I was responsible for the planning, development and implementation of the NCAA Intel Video Jukebox for the Finalfour.net playoff games coverage. The Project required extensive relationship management between the NCAA (provider of all raw video content), Intel (streaming video host) and several internal department project managers to ensure that all elements of the jukebox (database coding, design, functionality, weekly raw video acquisition, and delivery of produced video to Intel) formed a seamless product that maintained the usual high NCAA and Quokka content standards.

In March of 2001, the site received a record 2,500,000 unique visitors and was regularly praised by ESPN, USAToday and the New York Times as having the best coverage of the NCAA playoffs anywhere on the Net.

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Quokka.Com: Broadband/Distribution

(Nov. 1999 - Apr. 2001)

Position: Media Producer/Production Manager

Summary: As the department Media Production Lead, I was responsible for the company's production and distribution of broadband content ( 100 Kbps and above ) and multimedia products to associated Quokka Partners such as British Telecom, Alta Vista, Yahoo, Microsoft, Roadrunner, Intel, ZTV and many others. This included video postproduction (editing, compression, spec - customization), graphics design and processing, copywriting, copyediting, process documentation and direct employee management for successful content delivery on tight deadlines. In this position I was also responsible for equipment purchases/maintenance, digital asset database creation and was the department librarian for all analog and digital media.

The Quokka Broadband site/team was tasked within the company as a division of the "Special Projects" group. Our 8 member group was responsible for pushing the frontier of web content development and product based sales initiatives and ultimately generated revenue streams of over $2 million annually, while continuing to build on the Quokka partners and affiliates client base.

(This site is longer hosted on the web.)

First Ascent: Expedition to China's Unclimbed Karakoram
(Jan. 1999 - Jul. 1999)

Position: Senior Production Lead

Summary: For this live coverage of a real-time expedition to China, I was responsible for pre-launch HTML and Macromedia Flash content production, coding, documentation, and site update scheduling for our 8 person production team in addition to 24/7 live Flash production coverage and site update/maintenance for the duration of the project.

The site was ultimately designed and produced completely in Flash while utilizing extensive Flash actionscripting. The site featured unique navigation and interactive content rarely seen on the Internet. Flash templates were used in conjuction with Macromedia Generator to allow for massive media updates with content trasmited from the remote team in China to "Mission Control" in San Francisco via direct Satellite transmission. The site was one of the first of its kind and even today, the "First Ascent: Expedition to China's Unclimbed Karakoram" website is considered a cutting edge Flash production. The site is featured on the back of Macromedia's Flash 4 software box.

(This site is longer hosted on the web.)

Intel Web Outfitter Sevice: First Ascent
Roadrunner: First Ascent
(Aug. 1999 - Feb. 2000)

Position: Director/Producer

Summary: In the role of Video Producer of a 40-piece web multimedia video documentary series, I was responsible for story concept and representation, storyboard outlines, video editing, HTML and Flash production, SMIL coding and implementation, and process documentation.

This multimedia web product was one of the first of its kind seen on the web. The project utilized a seamless combination of Quicktime, Real, Flash actionscripting and SMIL technologies to provide a truly unique multimedia and navigation interface that quickly became the Quokka standard for broadband multimedia products. The project was just the first in a series of broadband products developed for Quokka Sports partners and affiliates (Including Intel.) The product generated $500,000 in revenue.

(This site is longer hosted on the web.)

Intel Web Outfitter Service: Everest2000

(Mar. 2000 - Jun. 2000)

Position: Multimedia Content Producer

Summary: As Content Producer, I was responsible for the organization, production and timely delivery of video and Flash content to meet specified contractual deadlines. Doing more "oversight" than hands - on production for this project, I created process documentation as a guideline for production staff in addition to organizing and acquiring all "raw" content for the project. In addition, I generated a media asset database as a content repository for organization and processing of all project content.

This was one of a series of broadband projects following the footsteps of the earlier First Ascent production for the Intel Web Outfitter Service. Everest2000 was a compilation of media presented in the Quokka signature "Broadband Multimedia Player" telling the story of the highly acclaimed Everest2000 expedition. It featured 8 video segments complimented by Macromedia Flash story presentations, biographies, glossaries, maps and 3D route animations. The project generated $500,000

(This site is longer hosted on the web.)

Warrenmiller.com: Video Jukebox

(Nov. 2000 - Jan. 2001)

Position: Video Editor/Designer

Summary: My responsibilities for the Warren Miller Video Jukebox were essentially as Video Editor although they included project planning, scope analysis, content acquisition, video compression/distribution, graphics processing and design, XML metadata outline creation and process documentation.

This product broke new ground for Quokka Sports while setting a new standard for video presentation on the Internet. The project ultimately generated $250,000 and became the model of future video jukebox iterations.

(This site is longer hosted on the web.)

Finalfour.net: NCAA Intel Video Jukebox

(Jan. 2001 - Apr. 2001)

Position: Video Editor

Summary: My Responsibilities as Video Editor included project planning, scope analysis, content acquisition, process documentation and video segment editing on extremely tight deadlines.

The NCAA Video Jukebox contained a searchable database of over 1,200 clips (over 14 hours in total) that could be sorted in a variety of ways that were all controlled by the user. There were a total of nearly 500 unique custom edited clips representing the entire history of the Final Four Championships. The site used Flash, embedded Real Player functionality and an HTML frameset that utilized advanced Javascripting while providing a unique video player capable of returning a user's set of clip choices as a graphical playlist. The project generated $500,000 in revenue and received praise from CNN, USAToday and the New York Times.

View the Finalfour.net website


(Feb. 2001 - Apr. 2001)

Position: Multimedia Content Producer

Summary: I was responsible for QTVR production and development, photo/graphics processing and video production for the entire site. This included production for all daily site features, stories, and promotions.

In a partnership with NBC Sports, Golf.com provided golf enthusiasts around the world with unmatched multimedia coverage for a variety of competitions including the PGA, LPGA, and Senior PGA tournaments.

View the Golf.com website


(Feb. 2001 - Apr. 2001)

Position: Multimedia Content Producer

Summary: As Content Producer I produced audio, video and graphics content for a variety of Mountainzone products/projects including Warrenmiller.com (a subsidiary), NORBA (National Off-Road Mountain Biking Association), and "Everest2000".

MountainZone has maintained a reputation on the Internet as one of the most "up close and personal" adventure web sites on the web for their in-depth coverage of events ranging from mountain climbing and biking to skiing and snowboarding.

(This site is longer hosted on the web.)