Island Spirit
original sold - laser print $35

Seal Spirit
acrylic mixed  14 x 18"  $350

Galactic Salmon
acrylic  30 x 40"  $2500

Grove 4
original sold - laser print $35

Ancestor Sculpin
acrylic  21 x 20"   $450

acrylic  20 x 24"   $450
In the summer of 2002 I began a new project--ISLANDS: painting the spirit of the Pacific Northwest--exploring watershed issues & totem animals of our Pacific coastal region.

Sixteen core images arose spontaneously after spending a solitary day at the beach. The images challenged me--I didn't know how to paint them. I began an unforeseeable journey of research & experimentation.

To bring forth the 16 large shamanic images, many works are needed, along with writing music & lyrics. I've envisioned meeting with fishermen, wildlife bioligists, first people, foresters, activists, & kindred artists. I've hoped to foster collaborative installations & performances, to infuse the project with community input & value.

By the end of 2005, ISLANDS had grown to 200 pieces, including large & small acrylic & watercolor paintings; pastel, charcoal, & ink drawings; experimental mixed media pieces; & linocuts. Works have been shown at environmental centers & festivals, art galleries, restaurants, public hearings, fundraisers, & civic meetings.

You can help make ISLANDS a truly effective project. You can
  • Sponsor with a direct grant
  • Buy art work
  • Exhibit work for sale
  • Publicize the proect
  • Host public forums
  • Produce mixed media events
  • Commission public works

The intent of ISLANDS is to celebrate ecological attitudes & actions. Seeking a visual voice for salmon, redwood, otter, tule, bat, eelgrass, & bear is my effort to honor our beautiful watershed & its diverse inhabitants.

Please contact me at or 707 824-8189 to participate in the project, ask questions, give suggestions, or visit my studio. You can see other ISLANDS images & related works on my new website, Thank you.

Salmon of the Wisdom Speech
acrylic mixed  27" diam  $700

Seal Bones
graphite  13 x 16"  $250

acrylic  16 x 16"  $350

Sea Lion & Salmon
acrylic/paper  9 x 11"  $250

Salmon Stream
acrylic/paper  6 x 12"  $250


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