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Yes, I want to be on the list. Thanks for including me, and also, thanks for your tireless efforts to bring live music to small, unique and local North Bay settings.  It’s cool to know that there are those out there acutely aware of our desire for great music, and willing to go the extra mile to stimulate our ears accordingly!  Thank you!


June, 2012

Yes, I want to be on your email list. And yes, the concert with Nina (Gerber) and Chris (Webster) was amazing. Wish they had taped THAT performance!!! They gave everything they had and left everything there for us to soak up. If you see them, tell them they truly did take us to another universe and it was just exactly what I needed for oh, so many reasons.

Ms. Meier

May, 2011

December 28, 2010

Hi Laurie:

We just got your end of the year note.

We want to thank you so much for bringing the greatly talented, off-mainstream artists to your stage.

We’ve been following many of these folks for years, but the stages were few.

I only wish we could enjoy every event!

Blaze on.....please

Yours always,
Jeff & Christina

New(ish) to Sonoma County, Friday was my introduction to Studio E. How cool is that. Good sound too. I liked everything about it, including the after-concert desserts !!! And Cheryl (Wheeler) was, as always, fabulous. I liked Jill (Sobule) a lot too.

Thanks Laurie for doing such a great job with live music. I'm looking forward to my next evening at Studio E (and now I know how to get there!).


November, 2010

What a great concert! What a magical venue! What a blessing that  I found out about you! I am betting that you guys work hard to make it all happen - Thank you! About that Zoe Muth - yep,  incredible. (after the concert with Kinky Friedman - with Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers, Aug 5, 2010)

Lisa F.

August, 2010

Great show last night. Nina is a great talent and Chris has a beautiful voice. I especially liked singing. :) Nina plays in Oakland in August and Lotus in September. I can't believe I have to wait so long to see her. I'll keep this memory with me till then. Thanks for the accommodating seats and beer and music.


May, 2010

Studio E is a fantastic place to play. The venue doubles as a recording studio and the sound is excellent. The room’s history as a Grateful Dead party house lingers in the deep comfy couches and purple painted walls. Laurie Schaeffer, the hostess and booker, welcomes us in. She’s prepared brown rice, baked chicken, and lightly steamed asparagus with fresh aioli. I think we’re gonna love this place. We already do.

Susan James opens the show backed up with Hawks. Her songs and voice sound great and the appreciative audience is pulled right in. RW joins for a duet of Conway and Loretta’s “You’re the Reason our Kids are Ugly” which transitions nicely into the Hawks set. My folks are in attendance as well as some old and new Hawks friends. Can’t wait to return to this place!

Rob Waller

I See Hawks in LA

February 9, 2010

The TWO concerts (Dave Alvin & Nina Gerber) were something that audience folks like us USUALLY get to witness only ONCE in a life time ! Thanks to you and to Nina, and the Powers that Be, on behalf of those of us who were able to be present two nights in a row ! We were blessed with a double whammy of astonishing and superb musical proportions ! I will NEVER forget seeing & hearing "The Nina" matching and going beyond and then some, Dave Alvin's incredible pyro technical guitar playing. Nina is a supremely gifted woman who plays her guitar as powerfully as any man, and at the same time she is still the mistress of musical subtlety and finesse. It was TWO evenings of  Musical Masters having a fabulous time together on stage at Studio E and we got to be there to see & hear it all ! Christie M. is superb in her own right as a singer/song writer, and she is a perfect foil for Dave on stage. She added just the right balance to both amazing performances.

 We appreciate ALL that you do to bring such inspiring and FABULOUS music & song to our community, Lauriejo...... You have figured out the best gift ever ! The Gift that keeps on giving ! I will never forget these performances as long as I'm still here in "Life school 101 !".

Happy, Warm and Peaceful Holidays to you dear lady.


December 15, 2009

Nina has been a favorite for many years. Only recently became familiar with Dave Alvin's musicianship. Seeing them together at Studio E in such a small and personal venue was a thrill beyond belief. Together they performed magic. That's all I can say. It was our first visit. We want to stay on the email list and will be back because it is a perfect place for this kind of music. MANY THANKS and keep up the good work!


December 14, 2009

Lauriejo Schaeffer's Studio E show featuring Dave Alvin and Nina Gerber had to be one, if the best, ever. For anyone who has ever played a slot machine, it was red 7, red 7, red 7!!!

Jack Miller MD

December 13, 2009

Gurf (Morlix) is ANOTHER "Living Treasure" of an artist. If he lived in Japan he surely would already be designated as one by the Japanese Government! They do that with revered artists who have been around long enough to qualify in terms of years and talent. It's a real shame that our government/country doesn't have the foresight, intelligence and good sense to do this for our artists (of ALL varieties,) as well.

I loved Gurf's songs as well as those that he sang by "others." His vocals, styling, playing (on that tiny,little "ol" guitar!) were fabulous. Thanks SO much for introducing us to yet another incredible musician/singer/song writer. What a treat !


Petaluma, CA

May 17, 2009

Thanks Laurie—

Saturday’s concert was great (Gurf Morlix)!  I’ll be back. Thank you for creating this treasure!


May 19, 2009

Heard you met a colleague of mine that speaks very highly of your concert venue:

“a remarkable setting where terrific artists perform in a comfortable and casual setting.”


San Francisco, CA

May, 2009

Hello Laurie,

Well, not only do I want to absolutely remain on your email list, I'll even beg you to allow me to be on your list, how's that!!!!!!

And yes, ENJOY doesn't even scratch the surface of my feelings about last night (May 9, 2009, Scott Gerber & Cori Wood opening up for Corinne West, accompanied by James Nash); I just floated back to San Rafael (for my overnight stay before returning to Scotts Valley). I've been humming Annoyance and some of Corinne's other songs, and haven't come down off Cloud 9 yet. It was an evening I'll remember for as long as I live. Scott and Cori were fabulous, and they're just REAL, genuine folks to boot!! Like Corinne! 

And meeting you, and especially on your birthday, was SUCH a special treat. I just wish I didn't have to drive almost 130 miles one way to get there. But as long as I can still drive, or get someone to drive me there, you'll see more of me.


Scotts Valley, CA

May, 2009

Hi Laurie
 What a great show, (5/9/09) and I ALMOST feel guilty about getting $100 worth for only $23.


Sebastopol, CA


Dear Lauriejo,

I/we SO enjoyed the photos that you recently sent of the Studio E Post Inaugural Concert last Saturday (1/24/09).  They were really heart warming to look at.  Such great reminders of the tremendous evening with Nina Gerber & Laurie Lewis generating their superb music and the wonderful community vibes from all who were there . . . What a night!  Thanks for having the presence of mind to document the room with its decorations and other highlights like those incredible Patriotic Cupcakes that you made.  They really are little works of art.

Nina’s comments were right on target: Your concerts are opportunities for the community to get together to celebrate (usually) fabulous music and musicians, but in last Saturday's instance, we celebrated the marvelous music and musicians AND the Inauguration of Barack Obama. 

Thanks again, Lauriejo for ALL that you do for our community of music worshippers!

January, 2009
Peace & Love!
Paz y Amor!
Juliana (and Jack)

That was just amazing last night. That has to be the most moving concert I've ever attended. That piece Nina did combining America the Beautiful, Imagine etc. . . was just so beautiful. It has been a long time since I've been moved to tears hearing the songs of pride about my country. Thanks to you for making this happen. Now PLEASE.... get Nina back more frequently!


Gerry M.


(regarding the "Post-Inauguration Celebration" with Laurie Lewis and Nina Gerber)


No need to introduce yourself! I had such a blast at your place! Great sound and vibe. I love that part of the world. Invariably, at some point during any given gig there, I will look up at the folks gathered to share the music with the thought - "these are my people."

John Inmon

(Jimmy LaFave's guitar player; Lost Gonzo co-founder)


Hi Laurie,

Thanks so much for having us again last January.

Studio E is an awesome experience for the artist as well as the audience.

It's a luxurious gig to be able to play for such wonderful, appreciative people.

The BIG meal is pretty damn awesome as well!

You guys really know how to spoil us.

Don Henry


Loved the show, loved the venue and love being part of music in such an intimate way. Keep up the good work and will see you soon. 




Thanks for much for your many years of service to our community of music-lovers!

I'm looking forward to once again seeing Eliza at Studio E!


January 16, 2008


We had a great time. You really have created more than a music venue. You've created community which is far more important. What a great feeling in that room last night.

Steve Seskin

January 12, 2008

Dear Laurie,

When I first experienced Studio E (Steve Seskin, Craig Carothers and Don Henry in Jan 07), I felt such pleasure! At last, a small intimate venue removing the barrier without pretension: great music up close and personal. My husband and I have attended at least a dozen concerts since.


I feel as though I’ve rediscovered the Ash Grove of my teens where a few of us would go after school and sometimes be allowed to push a broom to sweep the sawdust off the floor while the likes of Doc Watson, Taj Mahal, Brownie Terry and Sonny McGee practiced up for their evening gigs.


Thanks Laurie for what you do! There’s no place I’d rather listen to music. And, the music you’re bringing to Sonoma County satisfies way down deep!



Sebastopol , CA

October, 2007


Hi Laurie,
Just wanted to say that Studio E is such a gift to the county. And thanks for all your creative and brave work in bring it here.



October, 2007

Hi Laurie,

Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful time we three had at the Jimmie La Fave show. Thank you for doing what you do.

One of the Humboldt Honeys,


September, 2007

Thanks for keeping the music and Studio E alive - such an incredible venue and with such true spirit to the music. So few things in life are worth that much trouble ! Thanks again, 



August, 2007

To be able to enjoy a great concert of original music without the aid of ear plugs in a space as nice as yours was such a joy, your sound man is great!

Peace, Xander

August, 2007

Thanks for bringing Gove Scrivenor to Studio E. I saw him in 1978 at the Inn of the Beginning and he was a great inspiration to me and my playing at that time. It was great to see him again after all these years. I've been to several of your concerts at Studio E. Everyone of them has been great. It's the best venue in Sonoma County and there are some good ones, but you're the best.


Dave Hamilton
Sonoma Mountain Band

May, 2007

Charlene and I just love the shows you are putting on out at Studio E. Great artists at a great venue. I think you're doing a great job and providing a great service for the West County. Keep up the good work.


May, 2007

A Review of a Sonoma County Gem

By Janet Dove

Sonoma County Folk Society

July, 2006


Wow!  the quality of music you can find here in Sonoma County!  Schaef-Abel Productions recently brought Slaid Cleaves to Studio E near Sebastopol, and what a treat for those who braved the heat and backroads on a recent Sunday Evening!  Slaid delivered his obscure and delightful collection of songs in a personal, easy-going manner, with a rich yet gentle voice, and two outstanding musicians playing along.  Cleaves is an important folksinger of our time, coming up with songs no one else seems to know, and selecting only tunes that have touched him in a personal way.  If you ever get a chance to hear him (live or CD), you won't be disappointed.  And, the bottom line is . . . check out upcoming concerts at Studio E on

Schaef-Abel Productions has once again proven that they "know how to pick 'em."

Dear Laurie and Greg,

Thanks so much for putting together so many great shows at Studio E! Every show I have attended has been great! I always check the website. My only complaint is that there isn't a live show every weekend! Thanks for making this little gem available to all of us. You are awesome.



May, 2007

Dear Laurie and Greg,

Thank you so much for hosting Nina Gerber and myself. It was such a magic night we've made a CD of it! It's called 'In The House' and is a double CD set.

Thank you also for making me so welcome into this new country I now call home, and for following your musical bliss so passionately.

Much love,
Audrey Auld Mezera

February, 2006

We of whiz-bang string-band The Waybacks have nothing but great things to say about Laurie Schaeffer. We have worked with hundreds of promoters and bookers all over North America and Australia and Laurie truly is among the cream of that crop. She's a pleasure to work with, she knows her audiences and venues, and best of all, by our lights, she puts Butts In Seats for her
artists. Go Laurie!

Stevie Coyle


November, 2004

I just wanted to thank you again for your support of live music. The show last night was so wonderful. I didn't think any venue could be as comfortable as the old Palms, but Studio E certainly is. Folks like you and your colleagues make my world, and the world in general, a
better place. I deeply appreciate your efforts.

Thanks so much,

Robert Z

Davis, CA

January, 2005

Hi Laurie,
Just a big thank you for a wonderful evening of music. Nina (Gerber) and Chris (Webster) are a magical match of stellar talent. And . . . the best part is that I felt like I was among an elite group of listeners at Studio E. It was so refreshing to be with people that were there solely for the music. I almost want to keep this a secret so it won't become impossible to get future tickets. I promise, I will be very selective in sharing this new found venue.

Take Care,

P. Joyce

Sonoma County, CA

January, 2005

Thank you again so much for hosting our show once again . . .we had a great time! We called Mongrel and told them what a great venue it was. Truly one of the very best we have played. All done so well. And the audience is grand as well.

Mark Stuart & Stacey Earle

August 2005

Nashville, TN

The show and venue were wonderful! I've seen Billy Joe Shaver enough to know he was very moved by the reception he got. He threw in a few songs he doesn't regularly do (Old Five and Dimers . . . Son of Calvary . . . Hearts A Bustin') because he liked the audience so much.


September 2005

Davis, CA

We saw Larry Hosford and Nina Gerber at Studio E recently. I've got to tell you, we had such a nice time. It reminded me of the good ol’ days in Sonoma County when the music scene was fresh and new, and the venues were intimate. The laid-back atmosphere and excellent sound system at the Studio made for a wonderful evening. Look forward to doing it again.

Thanks and keep the music alive.

Scott and Carol

Sonoma County, CA

October, 2004


What a great show it was last night! Thanks so much for hosting such an intimate evening of great music. I'm always saying, it's all about the music as, indeed, it was last night. You are obviously of the same mind. We need more of you.  You are, like Audrey (Auld) said, "the power of one."

Blessings and Thanks,

Allyson Paige

October 25, 2004

Sonoma County, CA



  I really enjoyed seeing Audrey Auld and Bill Chambers last weekend. I think, in Studio E, you have the intimacy of a house concert with the excellent sound and lighting of a club. Not only is the space at Studio E just right, you can put your feet up on the stage, just like the old Palms. Very comforting.

Your graciousness and enthusiasm certainly adds to this picture. I will tell others about Studio E, and I will certainly be back again myself.

Thank you,


October 30, 2004

Sonoma County, CA

Dear Laurie,

A huge Thank You for bringing Audrey Auld and Bill Chambers to Studio E. I live in Davis and if anyone remembers the Old Palms, Studio E is the closest thing to it. Intimate, personal, funky. I'm an Audrey-head and it is only at places like Studio E that we can see people like Audrey and Bill. It is people like you and others at other small venues all over northern California for which many of us are very grateful. It's the only way we get to see the real heart of music which never gets played the radio, other than on a few public radio stations.

Thank you, again.

David Love

November 1, 2004

Davis, CA

What great places for special music!

I almost died when I saw Bill Chambers was last week ... ugh. It surely was wonderful.

Thanks for keeping music alive in Sonoma.


November 4, 2004

Sonoma County, CA

Lloyd (Maines) is almost a legend, and I knew Terri (Hendrix) was terrific, but I had never seen her live. It was a double bonus to see her at such a wonderful place. If we had been any more intimate I would have to meet her parents!


November, 2005

Sonoma County, CA

Thanks so much for putting the concert together with Audrey Mezera and Nina Gerber. You have really created a great venue for musicians, songwriters and singers!


December, 2005

Sebastopol, CA

You and Greg really pulled off a good one last night. Pam and I are still talking about what we feel was one of the all time best shows  we have ever seen anytime, anywhere, anybody. Both Audrey (Auld Mezera) and Nina (Gerber)   appeared to be in top form and we were thoroughly delighted with them  and Scott Gerber (!!!). Nina's "Imagine" is still resonating. My, my, my . . .

Dean & Pam

December 4, 2005

Santa Rosa, CA

I loved the performance and Studio E. What a warm inviting place to hear someone perform. Thanks!


November, 2005

Sebastopol, CA

A friend took me to STUDIO E to see Audrey Auld Mezera and Nina Gerber as a birthday present to me.  Now my ears actually salivate when my eyes look at your website for upcoming shows.


January, 2006

Forestville, CA

"Great night; great music; great people. The spontaneous singalongs were almost like angels singing in church!"


April 23, 2006

Santa Rosa, CA

We're looking forward to your show Saturday. 

As always, thanks so much for putting these shows together. Believe it or not, your shows are one reason I haven't retired and moved to Oregon.

Dr. Miller

April, 2006

Petaluma, CA