Scott Doty

Scott Doty
The star that kept watch over my home page has gone supernova!

Regarding the "Pentagon hacker" situation in the media, Mark Twain anticipated reactions over a century ago -- it is a scrap of curious history. Also, Bruce Sterling's The Hacker Crackdown can give some historical perspective.


"It is recognized that you have a funny sense of fun." - This year's movie trivia quote

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Hastings UFO Society

SRJC Stuff

Here are a few things I worked on while employed at SRJC.


Portrait: Mark TwainMark Twain on the Philippines

Please visit Mark Twain on the Web for a wry view of religion, patriotism, and humanity. (May I suggest "To the Person Sitting in Darkness"?)

A related topic: 105th Congress H.R.404 introduction and discussion, which appears in the June 9th Congressional Record.

Geek Girl maintains a Unix reference desk.

Someone actually wrote a ztalk home page. Cool.

Ztalk can be found in this directory.


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