Gallery of Art 18a Artwork

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Dragon.jpg This was the first thing I did in the class. It wasn't assigned other than to play with the program. I didn't have a pourpose for it it or a goal. I was just sorta throwing paint on the canvas with all the brushes. Distorto soon became my favorite as it was the easiest to blend colors with and gave instant gratification. Something we all like! Anyway, I decided to call it "Dragon".

Cool.jpg Warm.jpg Complement.jpg

These were the first assignments for the class. The object was to create three pictures: warm colors, cool colors and one using complement colors. I started with the cool colors, using the illusion of flame, but giving a cold feeling. Next I completed warm. Initially, I had wanted to do ice, but couldn't figure an easy way to draw it, so I made a bubbling, frothing, steaming glob of stuff. For the complement piece I used complement gradients as well as cloned stripes for the ribbons. I thing Start Trek: Generations was on my mind -- the whole space ribbon thing.

This was a long assignment. I thought I was going to be tricky by just modifying a template file but in the end, I think it would have been easier to make four different pictures. The project was to make the four seasons. I thought about making a picture of Frankie Valley but teachers tend to frown on smart ass's, especially at the beginning of the semester. I usually save my wit and humer for later on once they get to know me.

The project was to take to words and morph, tweek, warp, and torture until it looked neat. I was late on this project since I spent too long on my seasons, and only had a week to complete it. Realistically for this class that means 6 hours unless I put in lab time (which I hate doing). The project was due on Wensday and monday I hadn't started. I get up at 8:45 for my 9:00 class and find my motorcycle tire flat -- again. I was in a foul mood, late for class and the project just appered in my minds eye. All I had to do was get it on the screen.