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Work History
Skills and Talents
Projects/Assignments of note

Work History

In reverse order

Ipro/Engage (Contract)

Data Management
Data Tracker/Data Manager

Tracked client web logs for accuracy and statistics.
6 month contract extended to 18 months.
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Quantum Industries

Pneumatic Tube technician.
(under construction)
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Optical Engineering

Laser Production Technician
Laser building Grunt type dude. (under construction)
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Pagecall Inc.

General Manager
(under construction)
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  • Zetron: Manufactuer of the Paging terminals used at PageCall.

Santa Rosa Computer Center

Educational Services Installation Technician
(under construction)


Final Assembly Production
(under construction)
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  • donno: Mabey something here.

Optical Coating Labs, Inc.

(under construction)
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  • OCLI: Optical Coating Labs Inc's Homepage.

Discovery Office Systems

Copier/Electronic-Typewriter Technician
Parts Department Clerk
(under construction)

Skills and Talents

Photoshop Guru
Network Tech/Engineer
Systems Engineer
Security (Digital and physical)
Electronic Assembly
Electronics Tech
Industrial Equipment
Office Skills
Management Skills
MSDS Trained
Forklift Driver
Computer systems
Hardware & Software repair

Projects and Assignments of Note

Defcon (Security and Speaker)
SCOE (srcc)
General Dynamics
STS (microsource)
Pager Terminal Installation with Network (pagecall)
CO2 Lasers
Remote Welding Laser
Good Samaritan Hospital
Santa Clara Valley Hospital