New Stuff!!!

New Stuff on my Homepage!

03/08/01: Ok. Long time for update. Fuck you. The web sucks and so do you.

Added link to new online journal. Cleaned up home page and went through doing general updates for relevent data. Added new pic of myself on personal page.

07/22/99: Added Tina to the front page. General updates (it needs it).

11/10/98: Updated personal info links. Added info about myself (who cares). Updated job info, fixed annoying colors in education link. Little things all over. Updated welcome message.

03/05/98: Wow. Two updates in one month! Added new link off main page with cool quake graphic! Neat. Fixed the annoying construction dude graphic that's annoyed me form the start, but I was lazy in fixing it. One minute later in photoshop and it was done. Added neat flames to the link that got you here. More to come.

03/02/97: Added link for Escape to front page. Hooked up a few renderings in the AutoCAD section. Updated ALL links (spam) and updated friends links. Fun.

10/03/97: Changed font face to Ariel. Things are MUCH easier to read. Updated some info, worked a bit on the Art gallery descriptions.

12/10/96: Added a Guest Book as a test. Might keep. Will be adding a Message Board (Web BBS) and a place for users to add their own links. These are basically tests using CGI & Forms so I can get a little practice.

  1. Added a nifty graphic on the message page!
  2. Added graphic links on the Shatter Creator page.
  3. Both the Art Gallery and the Shatter info links now work and contain data.
  4. Updated the Homework link so everything displays now.
  5. Added this spiffy NEW area!
  6. *** Added more to the NF0 area. Now all links active.