Shatter's NF0

shatsolo.gif Shatter began back in 1984, with the brilliant work of a man named Mike Saenz. Being a visionary ahead of the times, he decided to embark on a project the comic book world had never seen. This project, was to create a comic book created entirely on the computer. With a 128K Mac, and a little time, he created one of the best comics the world had seen. After seeing the same thing over and over, somebody had created something NEW!

I plan on having a better sampling of some of the Shatter Art in the future. The "Eyes" on the front page and the graphic to the left are a small bit of his work.

After Shatter, Saenz created the infamous "Mac Playmate" and pissed off a lot of Falwell followers.

The next project I found by Saenz was an Epic Comics release of an Iron Man (Graphic Novel) that featured his art.

The following is a list I got from Saenz himself filling in the blanks:

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