Change History - California Butterflies

Date Change
5/27/18 Added one photo of Variable Checkerspot.
5/23/18 Added Sleepy Duskywing.
5/15/18 Added one photo of Common Buckeye.
4/6/18 Added Arctic Skipper.
10/6/17 Added one photo of Fiery Skipper.
8/16/17 Added one photo of Woodland Skipper.
8/3/17 Added on photo each of Clodius Parnassian, Ruddy Copper, and Sonoran Skipper.
8/2/17 Added Field Crescent.
7/16/17 Added one photo of Gray Hairstreak.
7/14/17 Added one photo of Eastern Tailed-Blue.
6/8/17 Added one photo of Margined White.
6/5/17 Added one photo of Columbian Skipper and one photo of Western Green Hairstreak.
5/17/17 Added one photo of Mournful Duskywing and one photo of Northern Cloudywing.
5/10/17 Added Boisduval's Blue and two photos of Northern Checkerspot.
5/8/17 Added Sonoran Skipper and one photo of Spring Azure.
5/5/17 Added one photo of Umber Skipper.
4/29/17 Added one photo of Northern Cloudywing.
4/4/17 Added one photo of Northern Cloudywing.
4/2/17 Added one photo of Brown Elfin.
3/28/17 Added one photo of Spring Azure and one photo of Pacific Orangetip.
3/21/17 Added one photo of Coastal Green Hairstreak.
3/20/17 Added one photo of Moss's Elfin (ssp. bayensis).
7/17/16 Added Marine Blue.
7/16/16 Added one photo of Clodius Parnassian.
4/16/16 Added one photo of Gray Hairstreak and one photo of Northern Cloudywing.
1/2/16 Added American Lady.
10/26/15 Added Moss's Elfin (ssp. bayensis).
10/9/15 Added Gulf Fritillary.
10/8/15 Added two photos of Eastern Tailed-Blue.
8/12/15 Added Eastern Tailed-Blue.
7/22/15 Added two photos of Cabbage White.
7/7/15 Added three photos of Purplish Copper.
5/6/15 Added Northern Cloudywing.
3/2/15 Added five photos of Mourning Cloak.
4/25/14 Added one photo of West Coast Lady.
2/25/14 Added two photos of Margined White.
7/14/13 Added California Dogface.
6/28/13 Added one photo of Common Ringlet.
9/2/12 Added five photos of Woodland Skipper.
7/14/12 Added Pale Swallowtail and Common Wood-Nymph. Added four photos of Callippe Fritillary (ssp. liliana), one photo of Golden Hairstreak, and one photo of Spring Azure.
7/10/12 Added three photos of Hedgerow Hairstreak and two photos of Mountain Mahogany Hairstreak.
7/9/12 Added Boisduval's Blue (ssp. parapheres).
6/20/12 Added Common Buckeye.
6/3/12 Added one photo of Umber Skipper.
6/26/11 Added one photo of Western Tiger Swallowtail.
6/25/11 Added Cabbage White.
6/24/11 Added one photo each of Mourning Cloak, Common Ringlet, and Umber Skipper.
6/2/11 Added two photos of Silvery Blue and one photo of Coastal Green Hairstreak.
5/29/11 Added two photos of Umber Skipper.
5/24/11 Added Mournful Duskywing.
5/17/11 Added three photos of Western Pine Elfin and three photos of Silvery Blue.
5/4/11 Added Western Pine Elfin, one photo of Spring Azure, and one photo of Mylitta Crescent.
5/2/11 Added one Two-banded Checkered-Skipper photo.
4/13/11 Added one Moss' Elfin photo.
3/18/11 Added Margined White, Lustrous Copper, Edith's Copper, Sooty Hairstreak, and Friday's Blue.
3/15/11 Added Ruddy Copper.
2/9/11 Added Pacific Orangetip.
2/3/11 Added Sylvan Hairstreak (ssp. sylvinus), Hedgerow Hairstreak, and Pacific Fritillary.
1/30/11 Added Lindsey's Skipper and Callippe Fritillary.
1/28/11 Added Mylitta Crescent and one photo of Acmon Blue.
1/21/11 Added Mourning Cloak.
9/15/10 Added Woodland Skipper.
7/24/10 Added Red Admiral and one photo of Western Tiger Swallowtail.
7/19/10 Added one Satyr Comma photo.
7/9/10 Added Leanira Checkerspot.
7/7/10 Added Great Copper.
6/19/10 Added one Painted Lady photo.
6/16/10 Added Muir's Hairstreak and Edith's Checkerspot.
10/10/09 Added Zerene Fritillary.
7/21/09 Added Western Tiger Swallowtail, Coastal Green Hairstreak, and Satyr Comma.
7/18/09 Added one Acmon Blue photo.
4/26/08 Added two Northern Checkerspot photos.
7/10/07 Added Acmon Blue.
7/9/07 Added Blue Copper.
6/29/07 Added Sheridan's Hairstreak and Lorquin's Admiral.
6/28/07 Changed California Marble to Large Marble after review of Field Guide to Butterflies of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Valley Regions by Shapiro and Manolis (2007).
5/31/07 Added California Hairstreak, Gray Hairstreak, and California Tortoiseshell. Added a California Sister photo.
10/31/05 Added Umber Skipper. Added a Variable Checkerspot (caterpillar) photo.
7/5/05 Added West Coast Lady.
6/17/05 Added Moss' Elfin, California Sister, and Rural Skipper.
6/13/05 Added Gray Marble, Golden Hairstreak, Sylvan Hairstreak, Mountain-Mahogany Hairstreak, and Common Ringlet. Added a Painted Lady photo.
6/12/05 Added Common Checkered-Skipper. Added a Gorgon Copper photo and a Northern Checkerspot photo.
5/29/05 Added Painted Lady.
10/16/04 Added Fiery Skipper and Sandhill Skipper.
7/11/04 Added Silvery Blue, Sagebrush Checkerspot, and Mohave Sootywing.
7/10/04 Added additional photos of Greenish Blue and Northern White-Skipper.
7/1/04 Added Pacuvius Duskywing.
6/27/04 Added Milbert's Tortoiseshell.
6/26/04 Added San Emigdio Blue and Greenish Blue.
6/25/04 Added Purplish Copper.
6/7/04 Added Pacific Dotted-Blue.
6/4/04 Added Brown Elfin, Spring Azure, and Two-banded Checkered-Skipper.
5/1/99 - 6/4/04 Started web page and added many butterfly photos.

Alan Wight
Sonoma County, California