Oregon 2006

July 22-31, 2006

Gray Hairstreak       Strymon melinus       Lycaenidae

The Luelling House

Ogden's Crossing Sign

This is less than a quarter mile from the house.

The View Upriver

Woodland Skipper       Ochlodes sylvanoides       Hesperiidae

The View Downriver

Melissa Blue       Lycaeides melissa       Lycaenidae

The Luelling House

Common Wood-Nymph       Cercyonis pegala       Nymphalidae

Acmon/Lupine Blue       Icaricia acmon/lupini       Lycaenidae

Bushy-tailed Woodrat       Neotoma cinerea

Red Admiral       Vanessa atalanta       Nymphalidae

Mylitta Crescent       Phyciodes mylitta       Nymphalidae

Becker's White       Pontia beckerii       Pieridae

Western Sulphur (?) Dead on Teasel       Colias occidentalis (?)       Pieridae

The Deschutes River

View of the Deschutes River and the Luelling House from the Top of the Canyon

View of the Deschutes River from the Top of the Canyon

Alan Wight
Sonoma County, California
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