Change History - California Reptiles

Date Change
4/23/17 Added one photo of California Kingsnake.
4/19/17 Added Common Side-blotched Lizard.
5/26/13 Added Racer.
7/14/12 Added photo of Mountain Garter Snake.
6/20/12 Added Western Fence Lizard.
5/6/12 Added four photos of Gopher Snake.
6/5/11 Added California Kingsnake and one photo of Coast Garter Snake.
6/3/11 Added Coast Garter Snake.
6/1/11 Added Long-nosed Leopard Lizard and Yellow-backed Spiny Lizard.
5/24/11 Added Southern Alligator Lizard and one photo of Gopher Snake.
5/4/11 Added Gopher Snake.
6/19/10 Added Sagebrush Lizard.
9/20/09 Added Mountain Garter Snake.
9/19/09 Added California Red-sided Garter Snake.
6/25/04 Started web page and added Coast Horned Lizard.

Alan Wight
Sonoma County, California