Sonoma County Bird Records from North American Birds

Last update:   September 8, 2005

This web page is an extraction of Sonoma County (California) bird records from the journal North American Birds. The "CBRC Approval" column contains California Bird Record Committee decisions on these records as they become available.

Volume 59, Number 2:  December 2004 Through February 2005

Species Number Dates Location Plumage Observers Notes CBRC Approval
White-faced Ibis 2 1/15/05 -
Hudemann Slough
Ken Wilson, Benjamin D. Parmeter
Red Phalarope 100+ 1/2/05 Off Bodega Head
Benjamin D. Parmeter Scarce in region this period n/a
Bohemian Waxwing 2 1/25/05 Oakmont
Ken Ackerman, Gloria Markowitz
Magnolia Warbler 1 12/12/04 Bodega Bay Male David Wimpfheimer Late migrant? n/a
Harris's Sparrow 2

No details given n/a

Volume 59, Number 1:  August Through November 2004

Species Number Dates Location Plumage Observers Notes CBRC Approval
Yellow-billed Loon 1 9/11/04 Bodega Head Adult in breeding plumage Leslie Lieurance, Cindy Lieurance Fly by
Dark-rumped Petrel 1 9/17/04 Northwest of Cordell Bank
Steve Howell, Shearwater Journeys

Parkinson's Petrel (?) 1 10/11/04 Northeast of Cordell Bank
Shearwater Journeys, Luke Cole, Peter Pyle, Alan Hopkins, David Nelson Showing characteristics of Parkinson's Petrel
Streaked Shearwater 1 9/17/04 Northeast of Cordell Bank
Steve Howell, Shearwater Journeys, Robert Zaremba

Greater Shearwater 1 8/29/04 Less than 13 km off Bodega Head
Rich Stallcup, et al

Cattle Egret 15+ 10/10/04 Sebastopol
Laurence Taylor
American Golden-Plover 1 9/6/04 Bodega Bay Juvenile Alan Wight, Don Reinberg, Rick Le Baudour

Red-necked Stint 1 8/8/04 - 8/10/04 Salmon Creek mouth Molting adult Dave DeSante, Jean Richmond, Jim White

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper 1 11/7/04 Hudemann Slough
Dick Ashford, Benjamin D. Parmeter Only one reported this period in Middle Pacific Coast Region n/a
Least Tern 1 8/22/04 Doran Park
Eric Lichtwardt
Black Skimmer 1 8/8/04 Doran Park
Dave DeSante
Spotted Owl 1 10/10/04 Bodega Bay
Rich Stallcup
Yellow-billed Magpie (?) 1 9/26/04 - 9/30/04 Bodega Bay
Matthew Brady, David Vander Pluym, Alan Wight, Benjamin D. Parmeter Distant magpie presumed to be Yellow-billed n/a
Harris's Sparrow 1

No details given n/a

Alan Wight
Sonoma County, California